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swollen members



arrived at the opera house at about 12, 15 minutes before they went on.
The place was pretty packed. Good crowd to, mostly older even though the show was sponsored by kiss 92.

Swollen Members performed a pretty good and tight set. At times I could have swarn they were lipsincing, but they weren't, so I guess that says something.

Place went nuts when they did fuel injected, which was followed by lady venom.
My only complaint is that they weren't on for long enough. I think their set was only about 45 minutes.

all in all a great show.
I'd definately check them out again.


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Sunny @ Lori's house: Ew, Swollen Members. No, really. How was it?

I have to see them at Nelly Furtado. Boo. Oh well, smoke break, I guess.


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Smoke break for nelly furtado, right? Swollen members are great, i would have loved to have seen the show at the opera house.