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SWIRL 7 - May 20th


TRIBE Member
Is anybody interested in Swirl 7 this year ?

The Line-up is :

Laurent Garnier
Richie Hawtin
Tall Paul
Frankie Bones
Adam X
DJ Maus

Hip Hop room:

Tony Touch
DJ Revolution
Phife Dawg
Peanut Butter Wolf

and it'S on Sunday May 20 at the Olympic Stadium
Stop Bill C-10

Da grunj

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All over it!

Don't forget about Luke Slater and Marco Corola at Stereo on the Monday afternoon after Swirl.

May 21

Le Rêveur

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You're a smart promoter to post on the Tribe Board ! You may want to use their logo so you can post on their "upcoming events" postings for more attention.

Anyhow, heard lots about your parties, (good reviews). Although I cringe at the thought of hip hop at a party, I really think I will check it out ! Lineup looks hype ! C'mon, get GARY D over here !

Ca serait trippant de faire la fete avec mes amis du Quebec !