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SWIRL 7 - May 20th

Discussion in 'Montreal' started by dan514, May 7, 2001.

  1. dan514

    dan514 TRIBE Member

    Is anybody interested in Swirl 7 this year ?

    The Line-up is :

    Laurent Garnier
    Richie Hawtin
    Tall Paul
    Frankie Bones
    Adam X
    DJ Maus

    Hip Hop room:

    Tony Touch
    DJ Revolution
    Phife Dawg
    Peanut Butter Wolf

    and it'S on Sunday May 20 at the Olympic Stadium
  2. Da grunj

    Da grunj TRIBE Member

    All over it!

    Don't forget about Luke Slater and Marco Corola at Stereo on the Monday afternoon after Swirl.

    May 21
  3. Le Rêveur

    Le Rêveur TRIBE Member

    You're a smart promoter to post on the Tribe Board ! You may want to use their logo so you can post on their "upcoming events" postings for more attention.

    Anyhow, heard lots about your parties, (good reviews). Although I cringe at the thought of hip hop at a party, I really think I will check it out ! Lineup looks hype ! C'mon, get GARY D over here !

    Ca serait trippant de faire la fete avec mes amis du Quebec !

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