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Swirl 2002

Le Rêveur

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OK, just want to be the 1st one to do this roll call on this one, I just got my e-tix for 28 $ and the price is already gone up to $48 and it will likely be like $60 at the door. This year it will be at the Molson Centre (supposingly a really good venue for parties), and it is one of THE parties of the year in Montréal. Last year I was all hyped up to go, but it got cancelled at the Olympic Stadium. Is is on 19 May/02 and goes until noon (that's right, none of that S&D done at 4 AM stuff !). Picotto is confirmed and Tall Paul is apparently going as I am sure a myriad of other internationally renowned jocks.

Anyhow, just getting hyped ! In the meantime, I am pumping house choons from my vehicle on the picket line, yes I'm with OPSEU ! Now, Eves, give us a decent contract !

Can't wait to see the nice Montréalaises !


Le Rêveur

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Confirmed DJ's :

Mauro Picotto
Tall Paul
Max Graham

This party's gonna be off da hook ! My 1st 514 party, what better way to celebrate the end of my 7 week "holiday" (strike pay ain't that much however !). A bit of bangin' italian techno, a bit of chunky uk house, a bit of funky house, a bit of progressive, impressive variety I must say.....

More info : 514productions.com

Anyone else going ?


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Weak lineup in my opinion.

Only guys I'd want to see are Lafleche and XL and I can goto a club to see them there.




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XL's coming for my birthday in June.

Myka (always looking for a good spot to drop a shameless plug)