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Sweet House @ I.V. Lounge


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a Krzysiu adventure.


Well for a couple of months now, my friend has been bugging me about his night at iv. he's a pretty persuasive guy and he got me amped up to go dancing tonight. I woke up from my 3pm nap and lept to the computer to randomly msn people messages like "Chris is rad" and "you're hot, lets make out".

8 o'clock rolls around and I begin my get ready dance. fresh socks and underwear tonight, going to dance, that is right, pants and shoes, no clothes left behind, shirt and coat, lets have a good time.

Head down to the old lazydaze stomping grounds, bound up the stair with caution as to not rip my pants, and into to the noise. AND LO, what did I see? Well, Dash of Dash and Rockwell, yes the Dash of Dash and Rockwell was laying down some really funky house. I saw Zee and Adam from tribe... yes, the Adama and Zee from tribe, sitting in the back by the bar nursing to beers.

I had to force my way through the crowd of people sitting down and not dancing to the sweet, sweet music mine ears were being graced with like melodious nectar to them. "Hey Adam and Zee!"

So positioned between the two really hot girls being stared at by the most lescideous man with the weakest moustache ever and the gentleman himself, and started tapping my toes to the tunes.

tap tap tap. louder the music got, dimmer the lights got, more drunk and boring these people who chose to ignore the music to hobknob got. dance dance dance.

I think this is going to be a sick thursday night, I like the music... fun easy to dance to, loud, cheep beer, whats not to like about these djs? We'll just ingore the paint-drying-on-the-wall-level-of-energy crowd discussing stuff like "issues" and "topics" rather than plowing back the bottles, and shaking their derrieres like they just don't care.

Thursday is the kickstart to the weekend, and I think this one was a good. My feet are smelly and gross cause I danced hard (although totally by myself, yeah, I was that chick in the back dancing around her person all by herself to the chagrin of her friends) and if I was drinking, the cheap booze would have been more enticing than your mom with her legs spread open.

yes sir, I'll be at the next one. (I think I'm Peter's only fan, hahaha).


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oh yeah, I should mention that for a night that wasn't advertised and noone was dancing, that place was really packed! I dunno where these people came from or why they were boring, but they were there en masse.

when leaving I managed to goosefoot in and step on pretty much everyone's toes by accident. what can I say? I'm clumsy

so yeah, sorry!

le bricoleur

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i really really like that space. i think Dash and Rockwell are going to throw some fine soirees there. also, that sound system is a pleasure to play on.



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Glad to hear it went well Peter. Sorry I couldn't make it. Please let me know if you'd like me to play at a future date.