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Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by mrtunes, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. mrtunes

    mrtunes TRIBE Member


    overall a pretty good night. i liked the venue a lot, it was my first time there. the lighting and VJ backdrop was fantastic. sound was well dispersed around the venue with speakers in the back (albeit a little loud at times).

    the opening sets that i saw by terrence, nitin and teej were sounding good.

    Swayzak started off really interesting but the set didn't really escalate in any way. it was taking a long time for something good to happen, so being a little bored, tired and hungry i left earlier than i thought i would.

    however i like the concept of what they are doing having a collaborative set like that - but if all the action is happening on a screen that no one sees, it becomes a little too self-serving after a certain point.

    i mean yes it's a by-product of the DJ world in general- you don't see much of what's happening, but the music has to live up to a certain aesthetic after a while.

    i am a little torn here because there is something so original about this approach and i did appreciate that i was hearing things that just don't show up on beatport or might not show up ever again. so i'll leave it this by saying it's not for everyone. it's very much the kind of night i would've experienced at Mutek.
  2. soapy

    soapy TRIBE Promoter

    The visuals and sound and crowd were hype. Swayzak was just what I expected - interesting, innovative, deep. However I was in a mood to lose my shit on a dancefloor and it wasnt happening. When Jamie and Hali went on the dancefloor came alive but shortly after that the music stopped and the lights came on. Maybe its just me but I picture rammed dancefloors in dark warehouses with blaring techno going a bit later than 3. This was more like a concert than a party. Still, these guys know what they're doing and I had fun.
  3. Interchange

    Interchange TRIBE Promoter

    Disappointed... I am a huge fan of Swayzak but I found their set to be really hit and miss.. and a bit sloppy - I counted 2 times that they had the Ableton metronome playing too the tracks.. most peeps prolly thought it was a part of the song, but it was fucking annoying, if you were aware of what it was... and they kept it playing for a good few mins..

    A loop would play far to long, it would sound good for a bit then just be boring...

    I was bored... what was up with whoever was playing before Swayzak ? To be fair i think they were having technical issues with the sound system.

    Not to be a total negative nelly... 99 Suds looked good.. pretty much how it use to only lots of dry wall, very clean nice space.. but the sound is a bit wonk in there... k so much for positive.. hehe ;)

    They should have turned the disco ball on !! I get it they were prolly going for the dark techno theme.. but I wanted disco lights ! so much fun !
    Lots of people there, I think that was my favourite part of the night seeing so many cool peeps out :)
  4. mrtunes

    mrtunes TRIBE Member

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