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Sven Vath @ Flash Factory, NYC


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Overall a fairly smooth night. The venue is just south of Madison Square Gardens so it's fairly populated with lots of night life in the surrounding blocks, but it's nestled on a quite side street that seems to have had an industrial past. Fears of shit show were disregarded and I decided to go at midnight mainly to avoid spending too much on drinks. Very quick entry however spent about 3 minutes in queue to get in.

It's a nice place, spacious but still small enough to feel intimate. Hardwood floors and some tables spread through the venue for those wanting bottles. If anything it felt like brant house for decor. As expected drinks were not cheap. Tall can of Stella for $10 USD (!) but the bartender decided to be awesome and gave me a couple as the night went on.

Staff very friendly and kept things moving along in tight spaces, plenty of bar staff and security dudes.

The opener and set up built up the tempo well to lead into Sven Vath. Most of the crowd showed at 1, met a few out of state people but mostly a queens crowd for those who I met and were local. It was a mix I think is typical for nyc: heads, a few tourists, the "bridge and tunnel" set, club kids and drag queens, and some wannabe and actual gangsters. No one seemed to be cracked out. Never got sardine packed it was just right.

The last time I sawVath was at FTWK on the Wednesday, so it's been years. Didn't recognize any tracks but it was the ultra smooth programming he's known for, bumping but not chugging techno. Really enjoyed the set. Ill post a video later today but unfortunately my phone memory ran out so I only got a short one.

Super night in a super city, I love techno touristing as it makes things so much more special. The crowd was up there right until the bar kicked everyone one at 430 (last call at 4). My hotel is just around the corner from MSG so it was a quick walk home, so many people still around.

It's general complaint about NYC that late night food options are limited so I ended up chomping down a bag a chips when I got back to the hotel. Looking for some music options today so if you know any let me know!
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Just literally got home, and trying to decompress, and have a smoke.

That was world class. Never seen such professionalism before.

Everyone should give themselves a huge pat on the back. Electric Island. Thank you!