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Survivor Second Chance Cambodia

Bernnie Federko

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Twenty former Survivor players were voted in by fans to play again on Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance, which premieres Wednesday September 23rd at 8:00 p.m. ET.

As always, episode reviews are done by my poolie compatriot and friend PB.

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Boss Hog

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You know what was better than watching this shit?

Being on the same island they were on and enjoying a fucking beer.


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After this last season of Naked & Afraid where it was a group of survivors as opposed to only two, I just can't help thinking what a bunch of pu$$ies all this lot are.

Bernnie Federko

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And we’re back! A little late, sorry about that, but back none the less. Our extra-long premiere episode begins with a re-introduction of the survivors, which I’m going to skip over, cause we’ve already covered that more or less. Oh, except to point out that Abi-Maria says “I made mistakes” over clips of her acting belligerent and nuts. Good stuff. But don’t worry, she’s definitely changed, as she points out in every single interview this episode. The show really begins with Jeff rubbing it in that none of these people have won previously, especially pointing out Kelly from Season 1. “Fifteen years ago, you were one vote away from the million dollars. Remember that?”

The tribes are told they have to swim to the boat that Jeff is on in order to retrieve supplies and then when they’re done retrieving supplies, they have to untie their boats and race to a second boat that has a big bag of rice. It’s all a big free-for-all and the two tribes both leave for the rice at roughly the same time. Kelly chooses to swim the whole distance which ends up being a bad idea. Joe on the other tribe is catching her, so Woo takes off and wins the bag of rice.

For the record, we have the Bayon tribe which has Andrew, Jeremy, Joe, Keith, Stephen, Ciera, Kass, Kimmi, Monica and Tasha. And we have the Ta Keo tribe which has Jeff (who I guess I’ll call Varner so as to not confuse him with the host), Spencer, Terry, Vytas, Woo, Abi-Maria, Kelly, Kelley (sigh, both Kellys on the same tribe), Peih-Gee and Shirin. Both tribes hit their beach and start building shelter. As always, some tribe members are harder workers than others. Terry describes it as old school vs new school which isn’t really the case, but whatever. Spencer says he’s intent on building relationships this time around. But the real plot of the episode begins now, because … Abi-Maria’s bag is missing. And she really wants it. Because it’s got a bracelet or something. She tries to pass it off as not that big a deal, but you can tell it’s driving her nuts because she keeps bringing it up over and over.

And now we get the beginnings of alliance talk with Jeremy bonding with Keith, Tasha, Andrew and Joe. Vytas is trying to connect with the women, but he’s coming across as smarmy. Shirin is doing her usual thing of analyzing everybody at a mile a minute with Varner and Spencer. Varner feels like he’s struggling to catch up. Stephen is on the outs and is looking for an idol, but everyone knows. Not a good sign for him. Then there’s more camp life stuff with Joe making fire and Vytas doing yoga. Oh, and Abi is going through everyone’s bag looking for her stuff, and she finds it in Peih-Gee’s bag! Abi tells everyone who will listen, while playing up that she’s not mad but she finds it interesting. In the same way that I find tomatoes interesting. Peih-Gee attempts to clear the air, saying that she thought the bag was empty, so she … put it in her bag? It’s a dumb explanation, but if she was actually being malicious, you’d think she’d come up with a more elaborate story. Or maybe she wanted to push Abi’s buttons, who knows?

On the game front, Varner is talking up Vytas as a target, while Peih-Gee is unsurprisingly targeting Abi. Kelley is out looking for an idol, and at first glance finds it. But it turns out it’s just a clue to the idol which is hidden at the next challenge! Yikes. This seems insanely risky, and also implies that the producers would have needed to switch out the clue before every challenge. There’s more chatter about how Kelley doesn’t like Vytas. The edit is pretty clearly pointing towards either Abi or Vytas.

On to the challenge which has the two tribes moving rafts from the water on to the beach while lighting torches along the way, then one person builds a long stick to retrieve a key to unlock a gate. It boils down to Keith sucking at lighting torches (especially once he dropped his torch in the water), but then Kelly being too slow at building the stick. It’s Kelly vs Joe. Meanwhile, Kelley is hanging back while everybody watches and manages to find and secure the idol with no one noticing! Wow. Good work, there. She’s already managed to do more than in her entire previous season. Joe passes Kelly, grabs the key and his tribe wins. And now we’re going straight to Tribal. Ouch, that sucks for Kelly. Especially as Jeff points out that she lost the exact same challenge fifteen years ago in the same way. Double ouch.

On to Tribal where there’s more discussion about old school vs new school. Also, Abi’s attempt at growth is discussed. Woo admits to being clueless, but then also manages to telegraph his vote for Abi which upsets her. Varner talks some more about struggling to catch up but that he thinks he’s on the right side of things. On to voting, where we see Woo vote Abi, and Abi vote for Vytas. Then, we see Vytas vote for Abi and Kelley vote for Vytas. It’s 6 votes to 4 for … Vytas! So, Woo, Terry and Kelly voted the wrong way. In next week’s preview, we see Abi acting calmly and politely. No, not really. It’s back to the crazy for her as she’s shouting at somebody again. That didn’t last long. Rich replaces Vytas with Keith and that kind of sucks. On to the next episode!
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Bernnie Federko

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As always happens early in the new season, I never have any idea that one of my survivors is on the chopping block and/or eliminated until I come to write the recap. Oh, hey look, I lost a player! It makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience, I guess. I should also point out that this review came dangerously close to not being able to be written. It was 11:01 pm, I was just about to turn in, and I thought “Survivor!” So, I stuck it out for another hour and watched the West coast feed.

Anyway, my episode begins about two minutes in with Kelley rejoicing to herself over having found the idol. Varner talks to Spencer and Shirin about how everything is set for them, and then we cut immediately to a Varner talking head where he wants Shirin/Spencer gone. He gets Terry on board for that immediately, unsurprisingly. For all the talk about old schoolers being unprepared, Varner is clearly the guy who’s best playing the game so far. On the other tribe, Joe is making hammocks and fishing and being the all-around go-to guy. And Andrew is telling a super-romantic story about how he met his wife and the rest of his tribe is swooning. Jeremy is so affected he has to go off by himself, which causes Stephen to ask the group if Jeremy is looking for idols. Ouch, way to not read the room. Andrew & Jeremy bond over their respective marital statuses and Andrew tells Jeremy about Stephen’s comment. It doesn’t look good for him … if his tribe ever goes to Tribal.

And now we get into the Abi show. Spencer and Peih-Gee are talking about a fire chimney with Abi there too, and she interrupts with ‘What’s going on Peih-Gee?’ Um, they’re talking about fire? And then, Abi inserts herself into any conversation Terry is having to throw off his strategic talk. And then, that night there’s an outright blow-up as Abi catches Peih-Gee and Shirin talking about how terrible Abi is. Having that conversation at camp in the pitch-black night is just stupid. This triggers Peih-Gee and Abi getting into an argument with Shirin walking away, and then Abi’s alliance talking more smack about her while she cries by herself on the beach. Terry sees a huge opportunity and spends two hours with her talking and eventually coming around to an alliance. This is cemented the next day when Varner points her against Shirin and Spencer.

On to the immunity challenge, doubling as a reward challenge with a toolkit and building supplies as the reward. There’s a series of wooden triangles to climb and a crate to pull, but it comes down to the puzzle where it begins with Cass & Kimmi against Kelley & Peih-Gee, but ends up with Joe & Jeremy against Spencer & Shirin. It’s an upright wooden slat puzzle and Spencer actually comes out with a decent attempt but he’s got half the picture reversed and the other side ends up with the win. Varner feels it’s poetic that Spencer/Shirin had their fate in their hands … and blew it.

Varner is now securing his dominance as he isolates and flips both Peih-Gee and Kelley to his side. Spencer has no clue he’s in trouble, but Shirin talks to Abi, and Abi is practically gleeful in pointing out that Shirin is doomed. Shirin runs to Spencer and they’re both stunned at how quickly their game has collapsed. They approach Woo, who has to be the single worst person to attempt to sway. Woo does absolutely no strategic thinking ever, and he rightly points out that this is their first conversation with him, so there is zero chance he will go with them. Shirin and Spencer are crushed that they’ll have to vote against each other.

On to Tribal where the new tribe dynamics are laid out. Shirin talks about how this is her own fault and seems resigned to how things have shaken out. Spencer makes a plea to the rest of his tribe that he’ll be on board with whatever they want from here on out. It’s a desperate hail mary which Jeff points out he had to do his first time out too. Way to rub it in. Anyway, we vote and the tribe have split their votes. It’s 4-4 with the last vote going to Shirin. Spencer would still seem to be in big trouble, but then the preview shows we’re getting an unusual tribal switch where they’re dividing up into three tribes from two. Interesting. I’d still put Stephen and Spencer in trouble. See you next week!

Bernnie Federko

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We open this week’s episode with Spencer grateful to his tribe for not eliminating him. I don’t really get that, “thanks for knocking me to the bottom of my tribe, even if you haven’t quite eliminated me yet!” On the flip side, Terry is thrilled that he’s now on the top of his tribe. Well, you’re both wrong!

We’re heading straight into a tribal switch, moving from two tribes to three. Tasha and Andrew appear to come out the worst of their previous tribe as they’re the only two in the minority on their new tribe with Varner, Abi, Peih-Gee and Woo supposedly in a position to control their tribe. On the other two tribes, we first have Terry & Kelley on the bottom with Kelley already turning on Terry (and she has an idol). And then, we have Spencer & Kelly on the bottom, and Spencer is scrambling trying to connect with Jeremy emotionally. It seems to be working, but Jeremy still seems willing to get rid of Spencer.

We then get Tasha & Andrew trying to find a way to survive, and since Abi & Peih-Gee do not like each other at all, they’re easily finding cracks. More like giant gaping holes. Meanwhile, Jeremy and his remaining previous tribe-mates are looking for the idol. Jeremy finds a clue saying there’s an idol at the challenge.

And we’re off to the challenge. We see the idol attached to a chest in Jeremy’s lane. There’s chests, wagons & maneuvering to a puzzle. As usual, it comes down to the puzzle but in the meantime Jeremy easily scoops up the idol unseen. Cass & Joe are first to solve the puzzle & win for their tribe. Then, we have Spencer & Jeremy finishing second and avoiding tribal. Leaving Tasha & Peih-Gee last & they’re heading to tribal. At the end of the challenge, Varner is mouthing something to Kelly on another tribe and Tasha leaps in between them to block their communication while shouting “We have a rat!” Tasha says they should be staying true to their new tribes, which of course she’d say since otherwise she’d be in deep trouble. But then why did Varner think it was worth looking terrible to communicate … something. This is just weird on all sides. How it shakes out, though, is that Varner looks terrible to everyone on his tribe.

Back at camp, Andrew & Tasha are getting everybody else on board to target Varner and it’s looking all sewn up … until Abi & Peih-Gee talk. Keep in mind that this conversation essentially begins with the two of them prepared to vote the same way against Varner. They’re talking in the passive-aggressive manner they’ve been using the whole time, until finally Abi shifts to aggressive-aggressive and tells Peih-Gee that she’s voting against Varner no matter what Peih-Gee does, and that she’s now with Andrew & Tasha. This gets Peih-Gee mad & she changes her mind to target Abi instead. Andrew & Tasha immediately tell Abi and now it’s Abi vs Peih-Gee on the block with Peih-Gee & Woo voting Abi, and Abi & Varner voting Peih-Gee with Andrew & Tasha as the swing votes. They’ve gone from the minority to being completely in control.

We’re on to tribal where the tribe dynamics are spelled out for a surprised Jeff. Varner admits he acted stupidly, but it won’t matter. This is really Peih-Gee’s fault as she could have stuck with voting Varner and she wouldn’t have been at risk at all. Instead, it’s 4 votes for Peih-Gee and she’s out. Woo is yet again on the outside of the winning strategy, he is absolutely useless In next week’s preview, blindfolded survivors bump into things, a crowd favorite.


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Ok I get the sense you like Survivor. But how the hell can you stand to watch global TV? (commercially speaking)

Bernnie Federko

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We begin the episode with Varner relieved that he had been spared from elimination (oh, the irony). Meanwhile, Tasha is already sharpening the knife to take out Varner. She’s discussing her plan with Woo, and of course, this makes Abi unhappy. Woo voted twice for Abi, so he must be forever outcast. Whatever. Meanwhile, Jeremy has the idol from the previous challenge but he’s telling nobody. He spends a bunch of time with Stephen looking for an idol that is in his own pocket. And then we have Andrew hating his tribe’s location with no food, which makes an excellent segue to …

It’s the reward challenge! First prize is a BBQ, second prize is a wok (I think?) and third prize is, you’re fired. Which isn’t true, but I’m not going to let that stop me from making a Glengarry Glen Ross reference. The challenge is unique in that each tribe picks one person to take part. It’s Andrew vs Jeremy vs Terri in a battle of the older Alpha males. They have to run out into the water, retrieve a bag and then use a rudimentary seesaw thingy to launch the bag up to a tower. At first, Andrew seems notably gassed as Terry and Jeremy each get their first bag in with Andrew lagging. But this appears to be a real-life tortoise vs the hares, as Andrew catches and passes them on the second bag. Andrew wins and his tribe is very happy to be eating. Terry is second with Jeremy last.

Next, there’s some image redemption for Kass who makes Kelley a necklace for her birthday. Kelley is pleased. Then, we have Spencer turning on Kelly to keep himself off the bottom, but it’s not working with Monica who wants him out.

On to the immunity challenge which involves a caller directing their blindfolded teammates to gather giant puzzle pieces. It’s as funny as it ever is with much bumbling and smashing into each other. Ultimately, though, all three tribes are working on the puzzle. Spencer directs his team to the win, while Andrew’s tribe falls completely apart and just stops. Oh, and just for fun, Varner has injured his toe.

Andrew, Tasha, Varner, Abi, and Woo are going back to tribal yet again. Tasha and Andrew are targeting Varner (which I’m ok with because I don’t like having to use someone’s last name – there should be a moratorium on Survivors named Jeff). Woo tries to reason with Abi, which works exactly as well as you’d expect. Abi is targeting Woo, which frustrates Tasha. There’s a funny bit where Tasha is trying to mollify Abi, but ends up rolling her eyes repeatedly because Abi is SO MUCH WORK. Way too much of a loose cannon.

On to tribal where it’s Varner vs Woo. Abi talks about loyalty (i.e. Varner) vs challenges (i.e. Woo). Varner makes a plea to the three in control saying he’s proved he’s loyal and he’s no threat to them physically, especially with the injury. Woo swears he’ll prove he’s loyal. And he’ll get that chance because Varner is voted out. Next week’s preview is some jumble of alliance talk and I can’t really tell what’s going on. Onwards!
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Bernnie Federko

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Just making it in before the next episode. We begin last week’s episode with Woo feeling very relieved, and Tasha/Andrew in control of their fate … for now. We also get Monica arguing with Kimmi over conserving food. Kimmi believes in catching everything you can now, and Monica would rather not risk depleting the cove that they fish/gather in. Monica thinks they’re already finding it harder to catch food, but this logic holds zero appeal to Kimmi. She can’t even really fathom the argument. It was at this point that I predicted that Monica’s tribe will go to tribal and that either Monica or Kimmi will be in trouble. (Spoiler: I was right.)

On to the reward challenge where the tribes are playing for comfort. The challenge involves rolling a barrel with a tribemate inside, retrieving bags, blah blah. Ultimately, it’s a big ski-ball game where you roll balls into holes. Monica is notably bad at retrieving the bags on the course which Jeff is happy to announce repeatedly. It comes down to Keith vs Woo vs Jeremy who gets replaced by Spencer and that’s the order they finish in. The reward involves comfort items (pillows, hammocks, tarp) and juice/fruit for the winning team. Second gets a tarp, third nothing. Terry is on the winning team and he’s happy, but he doesn’t realize he’s on the outs in his tribe.

Jeremy and Spencer go fishing which the show plays up as this big heroic moment for Spencer, but all we see him catch is one tiny fish. I have to think that if he’d caught anything bigger, they’d have shown it. Now we’re on to Woo telling the tribe about how close his mom came to death, but got a transplant in time, and now he’s playing for her. It’s a sweet moment which Abi waits all of about three seconds before she starts tearing it down. Abi’s had troubles too, don’t you know? I find her exhausting … and so does Tasha who interviews that she much prefers dealing with Woo than Abi. Too bad Abi’s your alliance, eh?

On to immunity where it’s slingshots to hit targets, and surprise, surprise Monica’s tribe loses. Monica says she’s ok with going to tribal, which is where I contemplate throwing something at my tv. Spencer thinks it will be between him and Kelly, since they’re in the minority after the tribe switch. Stephen and Monica discuss and Kelly’s proposed as the target. Jeremy & Stephen tell Spencer and he’s relieved. But Monica’s not sure about Kelly as a target because she wants to keep open a possible ‘girls alliance’. Monica tells Kimmi her thinking, and WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?? Sigh. Kimmi immediately tells Stephen and Jeremy that Monica is flaky and should be the one to go. Stephen is worried about the message that would send to their old tribemates on the other two tribes.

It’s tribal and all the talk is Spencer vs Kelly. Monica has absolutely no idea she’s in any jeopardy at all. Spencer and Kelly both plead their cases to the rest of the tribe. We vote. Monica and Spencer vote for Kelly, Kelly votes for Spencer … and Stephen, Kimmi & Jeremy all vote for Monica. We’re through the preliminaries now and every elimination counts.

In the preview for tonight’s episode, it looks strongly like we’re getting an evacuation of someone in the middle of the night.

Bernnie Federko

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Eating Gross Stuff Challeges Are Sick

This week’s episode gave us a double hit. We begin in the middle of the night as Jeff pulls up in a boat and wakes up Terry. Terry is told that his son is sick and that both his wife and the doctor involved believes it’s serious enough to warrant coming home. Whew, that ranks right up there as one of the worst wake-up calls possible. Unsurprisingly, Terry is on his way while the rest of his tribe sympathizes.

The tribes gather where the news is shared with the other two tribes, and everybody is hopeful that things are ok, as Jeff gets the parents to talk about how terrible this is. (Is that really a question?) I’ll cut in here to say that at the end of the episode over the credits it was announced that Terry’s son needed a heart transplant and got one. So, all seems well there. Anyway, back to the episode where Jeff gets all the tribes to talk about how wonderful their tribes are, which can only mean one thing … “Drop Your Buffs!” That always sounds worse than it is. It’s a tribe switch dropping back down to two tribes. We get Woo, Andrew, Abi, Kelly, Kass, Spencer and Ciera on one side, and … everyone else on the other.

And it’s straight into the reward challenge with a big slip & slide followed by a ring toss for a picnic. There’s slipping. And sliding. And tossing. Spencer comes off badly, and Abi walks away before her heat is even over and still manages to get a point. Anyway Andrew’s tribe wins and he’s thrilled with his group, thinking he’s in great shape. There should be a big red blinking warning sign throughout his interview. Kass and Spencer both interview that they are not happy to be on the same tribe. Kass especially wants to get Spencer out. “Spencer, with no shot to win,” which is a reference to s dig that Spencer made at a tribal in their previous season. You can tell that really bugged her to be bringing that back up. Spencer is trying to get along with Kass. Andrew likes Spencer but thinks he’s probably got to go.

Meanwhile, on the other side, there’s bickering between Keith and Kimmi where Kimmi says she won’t drop something in the fire, and then immediately drops it in the fire. But it’s not her fault for some reason. She’s pretty terrible. Joe and Kelley are talking about an arrangement, even though Kelley would normally be the first to go based on previous tribal alliances. Joe broaches keeping Kelley with Tasha and Stephen, and immediately Stephen is targeting Joe. Jeremy isn’t keen on getting rid of Joe, and Stephen breaks down in an interview, thinking it’s a terrible mistake to keep Joe. Whew, he needs to settle down.

On to the immunity challenge and we’re eating gross stuff. Well, they are. Jeff points out how Kimmi refused to eat last time around and that cost her tribe the win. Heh. Kimmi’s up first paired with Tasha against Woo & Spencer and they’re eating spiders. Kimmi is willing to eat these, but her pair loses. Next up are Andrew/Ciera against Jeremy/Keith eating water beetles. It comes down to Ciera blowing it and the two tribes are tied. Stephen/Kelley against Kass/Abi eating pig snout. Kass can’t get it down. Joe against Kelly eating a deep fried frog and Kelly finishes easily, tying it back up. Woo against Kimmi eating pig brain, and again Kimmi won’t eat it. Spiders are ok, but the pig brain isn’t? Weird. Ciera vs Kelley eating scorpion, and Kelley ties it back up again. Tasha and Kass for the win eating balute, which is the duck embryo still in the shell. It’s gross. Tasha gets it down and Kass isn’t even close and starts crying. Amusingly, on the way out, Jeremy grabs some of Kass’ balute and eats it. He’s a hungry guy.

Back at camp, Andrew’s plan is to tell Spencer that it’s Ciera, but everyone else will vote Spencer. Andrew thinks it will be the biggest blindside in history … and just, no. Not even close. It’s not the biggest blindside in this episode, let alone history. Ciera is very unhappy with being the name tossed out to Spencer instead of Woo. She’s venting to Kass and Abi, and both of them are on board with changing things up. Kass talks to Spencer who thinks he’s safe with Andrew. Kass tells Spencer everything including that it’s Andrew arranging his elimination. She tells him to vote for Woo if he wants to stay. Kass is now the swing vote between Woo and Spencer and deciding between her head and her heart (because she really doesn’t like Spencer). Spencer is equally unhappy at allying with Kass seeing as she screwed him over multiple times in their season.

On to tribal where there’s talk about shifting alliances, and changing strategies. Andrew has no idea what’s in play and thinks he’s in control. I’m curious why the target is Woo, who is utterly useless strategically. If you’re lining up against Andrew, why not take him out? We vote. It’s three votes for Spencer and three for Woo. Andrew is stunned. The last vote is Woo and he’s out. Woo looks over to Andrew who can only shrug at him, because he had no idea. Andrew and Kelly are now potentially in trouble … except it looks like we’re going straight to the merge in the next episode

Bernnie Federko

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We begin last night’s episode with Andrew taking the Woo elimination badly. He calls his tribemates that went against his plan, “incredible liars.” And the he starts swearing. Yikes! He talks about how he’ll take a back seat to the rest, even though you can clearly see he hates that idea with the fire of a thousand suns. We then see him sucking up to his tribe, promising he won’t vote for Spencer ever again.

So, everything I just told you? Never mind, it’s all moot since we’re now merging to one tribe at 13 survivors (the largest merge they’ve ever had). There’s a feast and everyone is temporarily happy, and as soon as the food is consumed, the scrambling begins. Two sides are lining up with Jeremy, Tasha, Stephen, Andrew, Kimmi and Kelly on one side, and Cass, Ciera, Abi, Kelley and Keith on the other (supposedly) with Joe and Spencer in the middle. Both sides are talking to Joe and Spencer, and then they discuss amongst themselves what their options are.

Cass decides she’s going to explore things with Tasha, and opens a conversation to see how strong her alliance is. Tasha reasonably doesn’t trust Cass and lies, saying it’s not necessarily that strong. Cass thinks she was lied to and that it’s a big mistake. Whatever. The next day, we get a poetry break from Stephen as the tribe is trapped in their shelter while it’s raining. Weird. Then, once the rain stops, Cass approaches Tasha again and accuses her of lying yesterday. Tasha confirms that she doesn’t trust Cass and isn’t going to tell her anything. And now things go haywire. Cass decides that she’ll tell the entire tribe about how Tasha lied to her. Um, so? All this is doing is making everyone uncomfortable and blaming Cass for that. But out of nowhere, Ciera jumps in too and starts accusing Andrew of plotting with Woo to target Jeremy and Joe. What? Andrew is pretty angry over this. When Abi isn’t the craziest seeming one in your alliance, that is really not a good sign.

Time for individual immunity where they have to balance on a narrowing beam while balancing a ball on a little wooden platform you hold on a pole. Stephen is out within ten seconds. It comes down to Joe, Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha with first Tasha, then Jeremy falling out. Spencer valiantly tries to hang on but he can’t hang on and Joe wins immunity. That’s nice.

Andrew is trying to target Ciera which he claims is because she’s dangerous, but is really because she was talking smack about him. The rest of his alliance is targeting Cass instead. And now we see that not only Joe and Spencer, but Keith too is with the bigger alliance. They’ve got so many votes that they decide to split votes 5-4 for Kass and Ciera respectively. The 4 women left out figure out the plan, and realize they’d only need to swing one person to decide the vote. Kass tries to get Spencer to agree to flip and he very half-heartedly seems to agree. In no way do I buy that he’s flipping. Even if they were successful, they’d still be down 8-5 and Spencer would be screwed. This is exactly what he argued against in his first season.

On to Tribal where all the dirty laundry is being aired. Kass again tries to blame Cass for lying, and Tasha overrides her loudly, without really saying anything much. Ciera thinks that people should be there to play, which in her mind means ally with her. Everybody else basically shrugs at that. It’s definitely obvious that there’s no surprise coming. There’s votes for Cass, Ciera and Tasha, then a vote for Andrew out of nowhere, which is weird. Then all the rest are for Cass and she’s out. We see that Ciera voted for Andrew and Kelley voted for Cass, so that alliance completely fell apart. In next week’s episode, it would appear that all kinds of people are looking to make big moves so it should be exciting. Stay tuned!

Bernnie Federko

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Well, this was a humdinger of an episode, or at least a tribal council. We begin with Andrew crowing to Jeremy about their brilliant plan working in taking out Kass. Let’s not go crazy here, when you outnumber someone 10-3, it doesn’t take genius to come out on top. Andrew and Jeremy agree that Ciera, Kelley and Abi are next. Meanwhile, Ciera knows that Stephen is looking to make a move against Joe, and she wants to exploit that.

On to the reward challenge, which has them divided into two groups where they paddle canoes, retrieve crates and then use the crates to solve a puzzle. As usual, it comes down to the puzzle but whatever. One team wins and eats sandwiches, the other team loses and doesn’t. More importantly, Joe is with Kelley and Ciera and they’re trying to pull him in to their strategy. Then Keith goes and plays with the tuk-tuk. Meanwhile, Stephen is still angling to target Joe and he’s trying to convince Jeremy to get on board. Jeremy is still reluctant. Stephen keeps on with his plans, talking to Spencer and Tasha … and here’s Andrew overhearing the conversation. Andrew thinks it’s ‘disgusting,’ which I just don’t get. I really don’t like survivors who think it’s somehow devious to actually play the game. Obviously, Andrew tells Joe about Stephen’s machinations.

And now it’s immunity challenge where we’re balancing yet another ball on a disc held up by a rope. It’s weird that they’re doing yet another ball balancing challenge back to back. Keith won this challenge in his season, and it comes down to him, Joe and Spencer who were the two finalists in the last ball balancing challenge (which is why they should be mixing these up more). Spencer is out in third, and they add a second ball to balance. Keith is out and Joe wins immunity again.

Joe’s plan now is to get rid of Stephen for targeting him. Ciera, Kelley and Abi are obviously on board, as is Andrew, but that’s not enough people apparently. Andrew tries to bring Jeremy on board, but Jeremy is very much opposed to this plan (much like he is from the other side targeting Joe). Andrew and Joe can’t gather enough support to make them comfortable to move against Stephen, so the plan falls apart and the women are left on the outs again.

On to Tribal Council where Kass is introduced as the first jury member. In a classy move, she gives the finger to the tribe. That’s sweet. Ciera is back trying to work some kind of split in the majority as she calls out Jeremy, Andrew, Tasha and Joe/Stephen as the four on top. Admittedly, it doesn’t exactly help your case to name the top four and have to come up with five names. But her point is still valid. On the other hand, things are so in flux that no-one can really be sure who’s on top. It’s time to vote. And before the votes are read, Kelley is playing her idol, and I think to myself “Ok, bye Ciera.” And then, the votes start coming in for Kelley. 1,2,3. Yup, as expected. 4,5. Ok, that should be it. 6. WHAT? These idiots didn’t split the vote! 7,8,9. Wow, the entire majority just had all their votes nullified. That is just straight-up dumb. So, who’s getting tossed? 1,2,3 votes for Andrew and he is both floored and pissed. Abi amusingly calls out “At least you made it to the jury”, which earns her the finger from Savage. That just seems so juvenile. Anyway, even though it’s my player, I’m pleased with the turn. The majority underestimated Kelley and they got burned. Nuts to them. Tonight, we’re getting a scramble to look for an immunity idol that may or may not be returned to the game (seeing as how Jeremy still has his idol.) Onwards!

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Whew, I’m cutting these closer and closer. The episode begins with Kelley receiving kudos for her intelligent idol play that knocked out Andrew. Kimmi is very keen to get rid of Ciera, Kelley and Abi, while Stephen wants to make use of their voting bloc. Both refer to the group as the Witches’ Coven which I don’t feel great about. Also, this has sparked the rest of the tribe into desperately searching for idols again. Joe especially is combing the woods.

On to the reward challenge which has them dividing into two teams (with Abi left out). The two teams start by building a stepping post thing by lining the posts up from shortest to tallest. There’s a bunch more to the challenge but there’s zero point in describing it, because the one group (both Kellys, Kimmi, Jeremy and Keith) completely fail at this first task and the other team wins super handily. The reward is food, showers and a massage. As usual, Ciera is trying to entice others to ‘play the game,’ i.e. work with her, and she’s trying to get Jeremy tossed which doesn’t really go anywhere. Tasha brings up Kelly which is interesting.

Meanwhile, Jeremy is taking the opportunity of having half the tribe gone to keep looking for the idol. And look at that, he finds another clue which tells him to sneak away from camp that night. Normally this is easy because the tribe goes to bed, but that night there’s a group staying up at the fire. Eventually, he just leaves by himself claiming to need the facilities and goes stumbling off in the dark. He finds a light and the idol is strung up for him to find. That’s now two idols for Jeremy, in case you’d forgotten. Advantage … Jeremy!

We get shots of Joe strategizing with Kelly, and Stephen approaches the underdog women to broach working together. He spends way too much time talking about how they don’t necessarily trust him. Ultimately, they are receptive to the idea. Or at least that’s what they say.

Immunity challenge which is balancing on a platform in the water. There’s a twist where Jeff releases buoys away from their platforms and says that anyone who reaches their buoy first earns an advantage in the game (but is out of this immunity challenge). Stephen and Spencer both jump (in that order) and Stephen gets there first. We end up with Joe, Abi, Keith and Kelly left at the top of their platforms. Keith falls in to the waiter, and then they have to transition to balancing on one foot. Kelly takes too long and she’s out. Abi (who’s been really good) gets a cramp and can’t hold on, so Joe wins immunity yet again.

Back at camp, the initial plan is to split votes against Ciera and Kelley. Stephen’s advantage is to have the ability to ‘steal’ someone’s vote at tribal where he’d cancel their vote and vote twice himself. That’s pretty good. He’s not going to use it tonight (which makes sense), but he wants to get rid of Kelly. He discusses with Jeremy and Spencer getting rid of Kelly. They seem dubious but aren’t outright hostile to the plan.

On to tribal where there’s lots of discussion about tribal blocs, and there’s a claim that this season is unique (not really). Ultimately, we vote and there are two votes each for Ciera, Kelly and Kelley which fits the expectations. Then, there’s a third vote for Ciera … and then all the rest of the votes come in for Kelly. Whew, so Spencer, Jeremy jumped with Stephen. That’ll make for some interesting gameplay. I’m not really sure why Jeremy would agree to this, but it’ll make for good tv, so good for him!

For tonight’s episode, they’re deciding something with colored rocks.

PS Double episode tonight
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Well, you can’t say this is a straightforward season of Survivor, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t say it’s as revolutionary as they seem to think, but everyone is here to play … even Keith, in what limited ways he can. We begin the double-episode with the tribe returning after Kelly’s ouster and Tasha is unhappy to have been out of the loop with Jeremy and Spencer. Jeremy does damage control, saying they couldn’t tell her (for some unknown reason), but that they’re still solid. Tasha is giving them this one, but no further. Joe is unhappy that his biggest ally is gone and that he needs to keep winning immunity.

Rain. More rain. Yet more rain. Still raining. It’s raining a lot, is what I’m saying. They’re stuck in their pretty terrible shelter and everybody is miserable. On to a reward challenge where Jeff tells them the winning group will get out of the rain, and that’s pretty much all he has to say. They’ll get dry, eat and watch a Cambodian circus. The challenge is a kind of basketball with 3 on 3 and no real rules. It’s super rough, with people being tackled and tossed around. After 4 rounds (where Joe played them all), the winning group is Joe, Tasha, Spencer, Abi and Ciera. The circus is nice, and the kids remind Ciera of her kids back home. There’s talk of getting rid of Stephen and his advantage. Meanwhile back at camp, the leftovers are having a similar conversation about getting rid of Joe.

It’s still raining. On top of that, Stephen is having gastrointestinal issues, as he puts it. He is in bad shape, but he’s chanting that he’s not quitting, and you get the sense he’s talking to himself more than the camera. The weather continues to be miserable. On to the immunity challenge, with a twist! Jeff says there’s a construction crew back at their camp who will fix and upgrade their shelter. However, in order for that to happen, at least 5 of the 10 survivors have to independently choose not to compete in the challenge. They’re using colored rocks to decide, and as it turns out everyone bails on the challenge except for Joe and Keith. The challenge is yet another balancing thing, and Joe wins. Hardly a surprise. Keith isn’t thrilled that so many people didn’t compete. Stephen is unhappy with Joe’s win which is also hardly a surprise.

Their new camp looks pretty good and morale is up. Stephen, Jeremy and Kimmi are discussing taking out Ciera, because she’s dangerous. Meanwhile the rest of the group is targeting Stephen to get rid of his advantage. Tasha isn’t thrilled with this move. Tasha, Spencer, Joe and Jeremy are discussing it. Jeremy really doesn’t like targeting Stephen, but Spencer and Joe are both committed to it. Spencer and Jeremy talk again and they’re both not budging.

At tribal, there’s more talk about the weather and the decision to upgrade the shelter. Ciera and Tasha both claim that picking the shelter was the unselfish move, painting Joe’s decision as selfish. Joe says if he didn’t compete, he’d be out. ‘So, nuts to that’ goes unsaid. They vote. Jeff calls out for idols … and Jeremy speaks up. Jeremy plays one of his idols for Stephen. Stephen is stunned and obviously pleased. He didn’t even realize he was in trouble and all of a sudden he’s saved. The first five votes are for him and don’t count. We then get 3 votes to 2 for Ciera over Kimmi. Ciera is out. Jeremy tells Spencer he’d have done the same thing for him.

And on to the second half of the update! Nobody knew Jeremy had an idol (and it appears no-one knows he has another one). Stephen says he’s with Jeremy all the way to the end. Jeremy tells Spencer they’re still good. Spencer is not so sure. Stephen interviews that he’s unhappy that he was so far out of the loop with what was going on, that he didn’t even know he was a target, let alone that he would be gone if it weren’t for Jeremy.

The reward challenge is an oldie night challenge, where Jeff tells a story and they have to then run around answering questions and collecting medallions for correct answers. We see that one of the medallions also has an idol clue. Spencer and Stephen get out to an early lead. There’s a hilarious moment where Stephen tricks Abi into taking an incorrect medallion while he lets her leave and then takes the right one. Kelley lucks into the idol clue and manages to hide it without anyone noticing. Spencer has a chance to win, but he’s wrong. It comes down to Spencer and Stephen right at the end, but Stephen gets his last medallion unwrapped and placed just before Spencer. The reward is a resort with food. Stephen first picks Tasha to repair damage to their alliance. Jeremy looks surprised not to have been chosen, but he is then picked by Stephen next. Stephen must have been assuming he’d get two choices.

The problem is that while Stephen picks two to strengthen a bond with, that leaves six behind. Spencer especially is keen to continue targeting Stephen. Kelley’s idol clue says the idol is underneath their shelter, so she’s going to try to grab it while the reward is going on. Stephen tells Tasha and Jeremy what his advantage is (stealing a vote from someone and playing it yourself). They say Joe is the target, but you’d think they’d discuss other options in case he wins immunity. You know, like he has forever. Everyone back at camp is targeting Stephen. Abi says she’s worried that she’d go if Stephen plays his advantage and tells Joe he should let her win immunity. “Mmmm, no” is Joe’s response. Abi thinks Joe is sketchy. Whatever.

And in the real world, my computer just crashed. Fortunately, this e-mail had been automatically saved as a draft, otherwise a second go-round at this would have been much, much shorter. Back to the episode. Everybody has left camp except for Kelley and Abi, which is driving Kelley crazy because she needs Abi to leave, so that Kelley can grab the idol. Eventually, Abi leaves too, and Kelley is able to grab the idol just as everyone is returning to camp, but no one notices her. Yay, another idol for my player. On to immunity which is building a tower with your feet. Spencer starts off in last as he takes a long time to retrieve his blocks, but he eventually catches up and it’s between Spencer and Joe. Joe stumbles a bit, allowing Spencer to surge ahead and win. Amazingly, this is the first time in the game that Joe is eligible for elimination.

So, now there’s all sorts of maneuvering with Spencer leading the charge against Stephen and Stephen leading the charge against Joe. Annoyingly, Abi is apparently the swing vote and it’s so hard to get her to commit to anything. Jeremy and Stephen decide to split votes in case Joe has an idol, and sadly that will come back to haunt them. Stephen reveals to Spencer his advantage, not realizing that Spencer has turned on him.

On to tribal where there’s much discussion about Joe’s vulnerability, and voting blocs vs alliances (sigh). Before they vote, Stephen plays his advantage and steals Joe’s vote. But they split five votes between Joe and Abi, leaving four for Stephen and he’s out. Ouch, so much for that advantage.

In the preview for tonight, we’re getting the family visit, but we’re also getting a medical emergency at a challenge. The challenge looks like the one where they balance a wooden idol on a pole, and I’ve always thought that was muy dangerous. Whatever it is, there’s a shot of a white male’s hand with a monitor attached which is not a good sign. One of Keith, Spencer or Joe is in trouble.


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I can't believe Joe survived last week. I am rooting for him but he's gotta get in an alliance. Glad scumbag Stephen is gone though.


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The Joe vs Stephen relationship reminds me of these guys. You know Stephen has lost sleep obsessing over Joe.


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Sorry everyone, totally missed the recap for Dec 2nd. My fault, entirely. So, here’s the first of two recaps I owe. The episode begins after Stephen was blindsided. Jeremy and Spencer are talking about how they’re still allied, even though Jeremy is not happy with how the vote went. Meanwhile, Kimmi is suggesting an all-girls alliance to take out Joe, Jeremy, Keith and Spencer with their first target being the challenge beast Joe. Kelley is very much on board with the plan. Tasha is certainly willing to get rid of Joe, but it’s less clear how on board she is with the rest of the plan.

On to the reward challenge, where Jeff tries to fake them out about not getting a family visit this season, but there is one and it’s now. Everybody is very pleased. Jeremy’s wife Val is having a boy, Spencer loves his girlfriend, and tells her so for the first time. Kimmi shrieks ‘Daddy’ a whole lot, and Joe is very affectionate with his dad. As for the challenge, the survivors are collecting bags of puzzle pieces in various ways (digging up, spinning around, crossing a balance beam) and then solving for a word (nourishment). I do like watching the spinning and then attempted recovery. As always, it comes down to the puzzle which is not good news for Keith. Kelley figures it out and wins a BBQ for herself and four other survivors and their loved ones. Leaving three without. That’s pretty brutal. Keith, Abi Kimmi and Joe all get picked, leaving Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy out. My advice as always is you should never win the loved ones reward challenge. Spencer, Tasha and Jeremy form a final three pact (for whatever that’s worth) and they also agree that Joe should be next. The BBQ makes for happy times with the loved ones, whatever.

On to the immunity challenge and it’s a doozy. They’re balancing an idol thing on a pole that they keep extending with additional lengths to the pole. The top woman and man each will win immunity. Kelley pretty quickly wins immunity for the women, but on the men’s side it’s an epic battle between Joe and Keith as they last an hour and 20 minutes balancing this idol at 16 feet high. Ultimately, Joe drops his idol, causing much happiness on the losers’ bench. And then Joe keels over. Yikes. Medical is quickly called. Joe wakes up and the doctor thinks he’s just used up all his energy, but that he should be ok. Joe loves the game and just wants to keep going. That does not seem very likely, though.

After the challenge, Abi is thrilled that Joe lost which is at least a little evil given how that played out. Joe discusses with Jeremy how Abi is a big threat. Um, what? Compared to you? No. Tasha is discussing the plan to get out Joe with Spencer and Jeremy, and she reveals the discussion around a women’s alliance because she didn’t want them finding out from someone else. Spencer and Jeremy are noticeably floored, even with Tasha reassuring them. Jeremy and Spencer feel trapped between keeping a challenge monster vs losing a vote to keep the possible women’s alliance at bay.

On to tribal council where Jeff asks Joe how he’s doing. (He’s ok.) Joe is very nervous at not having immunity. His worry is well justified as several people talk about how big a threat he is. Joe again talks about Abi as a threat. We vote. Joe votes for Abi, Keith votes for Tasha (why???), and everyone else votes for Joe. On the next week’s preview (for an episode that has already happened), Spencer and Jeremy remain worried and we get a challenging challenge. That recap will be coming next week, and then it’s the finale on Wednesday.
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Ok, here’s the recap for last week’s episode with less than 5 hours before the finale tonight. After Joe’s elimination, Abi is thrilled. Jeremy and Spencer are not. They are very worried that they will be screwed over by a possible women’s alliance, although there isn’t really any evidence that this exists at this point.

On to the reward challenge where they unwind a rope to cross a bridge and get to a platform to knock off blocks using sandbags. If you don’t unwind enough rope, then you can’t reach the sandbags and you’ll have to go back (which happens several times affecting Spencer and Jeremy). Keith has the right amount of rope and wins easily. That was the easy part for him, and now he has to decide who will share the reward with him. He picks Kelley and Spencer, but when asked why, his answer is rambling and ridiculous. Oh, and he forgets Tasha’s name. Yeesh, he’s only been living with her for weeks. Tasha is nonplussed.

The reward has them going to a Cambodian temple for a blessing, food and rest. While on reward, Keith, Spencer and Kelley make a final three agreement that is likely worth nothing. Back at camp, nutso Abi is back on the warpath. She’s upset when Tasha suggests she’d like to talk to Jeremy. Tasha and Jeremy are both sick of trying to work around Mount Abi to keep her from erupting.

On to the immunity challenge where they race out into the ocean along a variety of boats and planks, then dive in to retrieve puzzle pieces. It’s pretty brutal with several people taking some hard hits and Tasha getting in trouble in the water. The actual puzzle takes Spencer about 15 seconds to finish so the drama is all out in the water as Tasha needs to be rescued. Scary stuff, but she’s ok.

Back at camp, Spencer is the man in the middle as he’s being pulled one way by Kelley, Keith and Abi to vote for Tasha and by Jeremy, Tasha and Kimmi to vote for Abi. Spencer seems to like having the power, but he’s in a position to annoy people whichever way he decides. At tribal council, there is a lot of weird discussion about various people’s “we’s” which apparently means the group with which you are allied. The discussion comes down to a basic acknowledgement that there are two different power groups and one of them is about to lose. Oddly when it comes down to it, not only does Spencer side with Jeremy & Tasha against Abi, but Abi herself has decided to vote for Keith. Why? Who knows. Maybe not even Abi knows.

We’re now all set for tonight’s final and everybody is technically still in the running with at least one survivor left. Jeremy and Kelley each still have an idol too. Good luck to all!


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Ok - that was amazing.

That Tribal was insane.

Jeremy sealed it with his comments at that last Tribal about his 2nd chance/family. I knew he was gonna get the unanimous win (deservedly so. He was great the whole season & should have done better the season he was on). Anybody else ever win with a clean sweep before??

Fantastic season overall.
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