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Survivor Caramoan Fans vs Favourites

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
New Game, same as the old game. Season 26 "FANS vs FAVOURITES"

It is time for us all to go back to the island and this ought to be a pretty good edition of the venerable series. On one side of the island you've got your favorite "Survivor" castaways, and on the other side you've got the people who love them... at least in a fan sort of way. The fans have been watching the game for years and they have a pretty good idea about how things work, or at least they think they do. The favorites, they've been here before (okay, not here, but on an island playing the game) and they actually know what it takes to win (or come close to it). The game begins anew tonight.




Andrea Boehlke
Age: 23
New York
Entertainment Host and Writer
"Survivor: Redemption Island"

Brandon Hantz
Age: 21
Katy, Texas
Chemical Disposal
"Survivor: South Pacific"

Brenda Lowe
Age: 30
Miami, Fla.
Paddleboard Co. Owner
"Survivor: Nicaragua"

Corinne Kaplan
Age: 33
Los Angeles
Clinical Consultant
"Survivor: Gabon"

Dawn Meehan
Age: 42
South Jordan, Utah
English Professor
"Survivor: South Pacific"

Erik Reichenbach
Age: 27
Santa Clarita, Calif.
Comic Book Artist
"Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites"

Francesca Hogi
Age: 38
Brooklyn, N.Y.
"Survivor: Redemption Island"

John Cochran
Age: 25
Washington D.C.
Law Student
"Survivor: South Pacific"

Phillip Sheppard
Age: 54
Santa Monica, Calif.
Software Sales
"Survivor: Redemption Island"

Malcolm Freberg
Age: 25
Hermosa Beach, Calif.
"Survivor: Philippines"

Laura Alexander
Age: 23
Washington, D.C.
Administrative Officer

Sherri Biethman
Age: 41
Boise, Idaho
Fast Food Franchisee

Matt Bischoff
Age: 38
Cincinnati, Ohio
BMX Bike Sales

Hope Driskill
Age: 23
Jefferson City, Mo.
Pre-Law Student

Edward "Eddie" Fox
Age: 23
East Brunswick, N.J.

Julia Landauer
Age: 21
Stanford, Calif.
Racecar Driver

Alexandra "Allie" Pohevitz
Age: 25
Oceanside, N.Y.

Michael Snow
Age: 44
New York
Event Planner

Shamar Thomas
Age: 27
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Iraq War Veteran

Reynold Toepfer
Age: 30
San Francisco
Real Estate Sales
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


TRIBE Member
Glad to see Philip back on the show. He will make things interesting at least.

I'm done with the Hantz family. No longer an attraction for me.

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
I never even saw an ad for this until last night. Im glad its back as theres norhing on on wednesdays. Im not looking forward to seeing phillip again tho. Hope they vote him off stat
I have a feeling ill be rooting for the bmx sales guy

And yay to seeing malcolm again. Yummy
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Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Here's my friend P's initial views on the cast:

In general, I’m of the opinion that the fans look way better than the so-called favorites. Frankly, there are only a couple that I would even say the term favorite applies, in any sense of the word.

Reynold, 30 – Real Estate Sales – He looks fine: young, in shape;

Laura, 23 – Administrative Officer – Ditto.

Dawn, 42 – English Professor – Meh. Notable as being Cochran’s ally who failed to talk him out of flipping and sabotaging his whole tribe, himself included. Not great physically, not a competitor of any significant note.

Brandon, 21 – Chemical Disposal – Dear lord. That’s not a criticism, although I have plenty, that’s me preparing you for hearing yet more religious exhortations from our young prophet here. Brandon is a total mess. One second, he tries to be sneaky and underhanded, the next he’s realizing that goes against his religious beliefs and confesses to everything. And in his world, pretty women are a temptation sent from Satan. Inconsistent, illogical and completely unpredictable. So, really the perfect ally, except the exact opposite.

Sherri, 41 – Fast Food Franchisee – Slightly older, but still looks in shape, still seems like a good pick;

Hope, 23 – Pre-Law Student (ex-beauty queen) – Quite attractive and can’t be a total idiot being pre-law. Another good pick.

Phillip, 54 – CEO of some company I assume isn’t real – So, we’re finally going to get to settle the ‘who’s crazier’ argument between Brandon and Phillip. Phillip is, I believe, the only competitor to ever have the show doubt what he says he did for a living, putting quotation marks around ‘federal agent’. He’s bossy, misogynist and gross (wearing nothing but underwear a lot, and washing said underwear in food pots). But on the plus side, he has a mystical connection to his great-great-grandfather … which allows him to find buried articles of clothing.

Brenda, 30 – Paddleboard Co. Owner – She’s a legitimate favorite, I think. Smart and in shape as well as conniving. If she can build a solid alliance, she’ll go far. Oh, and she’s an ex-cheerleader.

Matt, 38 – BMX Bike Sales – Full beard, many tattoos, I don’t see him lasting long;

Shamar, 27 – Iraq War Veteran – Should be fit, but he’s a bigger guy so he may succumb to the deprivation more quickly than others.

Erik, 27 – Comic Book Artist – A ‘fan’ in the first fans vs favorites outing, he is responsible for one of my all-time favorite moments in the show. He was convinced by Parvati to give up his immunity during tribal council to show his support for the tribe … and then she voted him out at that same tribal council. It was awesome. Now Parvati is a favorite. Erik’s just the idiot who fell for it.

Corinne, 33 – Clinical Consultant – I have no memory of her at all. She was in at least 12 episodes, but I’ve got nothing. And when it comes to trivia, I have a pretty good memory, but she’s just this gaping maw of nothingness. So, really, how good could she be?

Allie, 25 – Bartender – Looks generically fine; Michael, 44 – Event Planner – Bald, looks pudgy, doomed.

Cochran, 25 – Harvard Law Student – Bleh. He’s supposed to be some genius, but there was no evidence of that in his first go-round. Physically terrible, and he flipped on his tribe, following them into oblivion. Again, bleh.

Andrea, 23 – Entertainment Host and Writer – She allied herself to the guy on Redemption Island who had that great run, and then got turfed after she turned on him. Nothing particularly notable about her, she was one of the many sheep that Boston Rob rode to victory.

Eddie, 23 – Fireman/EMT – Looks good, clearly physically fit;

Julia, 21 – Racecar driver – Looks fine.

Malcolm, 25 – Bartender – Malcolm’s my front-runner, physically strong, mentally good. He has the added benefit of this season being filmed while his first season was airing so he should still be an unkown quantity. His biggest problem is that the other guys may gang up and get rid of him as the biggest threat early.

Francesca, 38 – Attorney – This is ridiculous. The reason I have no memory of her is that she was voted off first in her season. First! In what world does that make her a favorite? Silly.

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
i could have easily done the earlier survivors but it is just too violent now.
I know i this every season, but imma say it again, I cant believe noone has been killed or severely hurt in these challenges yet.
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Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
I want that monkey thing. I want it I want it its mine gimmie gimmie.

I never saw whatever one that sunburnt guy was on, but I like him, I want him to win.
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Blue Meanies

TRIBE Member
I think is Francesca is the BIGGEST idiot of survivor, of all time.

She did the exact same thing she did last time she was on survivor. You would think that since it didn't work for her before... she wouldn't play the same way again! I am dumbfounded really. Stupidest player ever I think. As soon as she said "Phillip needs to go" I knew she was toast. Phillip strikes again.

And she never ate the rock :(


TRIBE Member
I thought it was complete garbage last night...nothing of interest at all. I think I've lost it for Survivor.

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Office Pool recap by P.

And we’re off! The series begins with Jeff giving his standard spiel describing how the show works. For some very, very small subset of people who a) have never watched the show before, and b) decide to start watching with season 26. I am not among that group and neither are you, so I’m not going to cover that. We do see that the fans are travelling by boat, and the ‘favorites’ are travelling in a pair of futuristic-looking helicopters.

The fans all pile out of their boat with Michael managing to soak himself up to the armpits in about 1 foot of water. They all gather on to their mat and then Jeff riles them up by saying they’re playing against a collection of “their favorite survivors”. That’s mean. What a letdown to think you’d be playing against Rob, Parvati & Ozzy, but instead you’re getting Brandon, Phillip & Corinne. While Jeff introduces the ‘favorites’ we get to see clips from their seasons. With Corinne, I swear I recognized nothing at all. I know I’ve watched it unless there’s a coma in my past that I’ve blocked out, but she remains a complete mystery to me.

And we’re right into the first challenge. Two from each tribe have to fight over a single ring and return it to their own pole. 1st tribe to 4 wins and gets flint and beans. It’s a very physical challenge, but the favourites blow out the fans 4-1. In the deciding match, Malcolm practically ends up naked through most of it, as his shorts end up around his knees. And he still gets the clinching point. Cochran even won his point, if you can believe it.

Off to their respective camps, and we get the fans trying to set up shelter and work on fire. It’s agreed that fire is important, but Matt makes the choice that it’s stupid to have all ten people working on only one thing, so he and Michael (I think) get to work on the shelter. Shamar, the marine, sits nearby doing nothing and starts criticizing them for “putting in effort on things that don’t matter”. This is ridiculous on about six different levels, not the least of which is that shelter clearly matters. He gets into a shouting match over it, and it is just stupid. Matt is clearly in the right, the whole tribe doesn’t need to all do one thing, no matter how important that one thing is. Lucky for Shamar, he finally gets up , seemingly takes over the fire-making and is successful. Good for them.

Meanwhile, we also start to see alliances forming. Reynold and Allie make an alliance, then Reynold and Eddie … then Eddie and Hope. Eddie seems less interested in an alliance and more with just hitting on Hope. Eddie interviews that it’s just a fact that he and Hope are the most attractive ones there. That’s certainly an attractive quality he’s displaying. Next, we see Reynold and Allie, um … pawing at each other while snuggling at night. It’s pretty ridiculous. The next day, the four romantic partners (2 sets of 2, not 1 foursome) gather in the ocean to compare themselves to the cool clique in high school. So … that’s 4 of them in the ocean. And 6 on the beach all watching and apparently much more able to do math. Once again, 6 is still more than 4 and I don’t understand how people in this game keep making the same mistake. Matt and Michael decide together to keep their options open, but intend to work together.

At the favorites camp, it is a hodge-podge of shifting alliances right from the get-go. We get a very early meeting between Francesca, Andrea and Corinne where they agree to “go to the end”. Spoiler … they don’t. They look at who else to include and for some reason, they include Phillip, I suspect only because Andrea and Phillip were already previously allied. And so we get our first extremely awkward interaction between Phillip and Francesca, where she tries to reach common ground and tell him that she wasn’t after him in their previous season. It sounds heartfelt and sincere, and is met with silence. And more silence. There’s what seems like ten seconds of Phillip not responding, just continuing to build the shelter. We then get an interview with Phillip explaining that he has both buried the hatchet with Francesca and that he still can’t stand her and wants her gone. Yeah, he does not know what ‘bury the hatchet’ actually means, it seems. Phillip then proceeds to make an alliance with nearly everybody on the tribe, and then sub-alliances. He reveals his BR rules (standing for Boston Rob) which will allow him to win the game. The real BR rule is to find someone ridiculous and insane (i.e. Phillip) that you can use as a shield and ride all the way to the end. We also get Phillip providing stupid nicknames to everybody under the sun, like the Dominatrix for Corinne (ew) and the Eliminator for Andrea. This only reminds me of an amusing Kids in the Hall sketch back in 1991. Yikes, that’s a long time ago now. And finally we see Phillip try to bring Erik into his alliance by threatening that he has the votes with or without Erik, oh and it’s not even Phillip that’s in charge. The first half is all “I, I, I” and then at the end Phillip tries to pass it off as someone else. Argh, he’s ridiculous. Erik is furious.

And then, holy cr@p, Cochran is massively sunburnt. When he takes his shirt off, it’s just grotesque (just the coloring, I make no comment about his physique). It is clearly massively painful and on top of that, his feet have swollen monstrously too. Poor guy. We get to see that Cochran and Dawn are in fact aligning together again, even though that didn’t work out so well for Dawn last time. They appear to be playing the swing votes again.

On to immunity, with pairs from each tribe climbing a four story construction and then smashing boxes with sandbags in them. Then, those sandbags are to be tossed into six holes. During the smashing stage, the favorites are out to a huge lead. Malcolm gets out to a 3-0 lead in sinking the sandbags. And then Reynold obliterates Malcolm by sinking all 6 in practically no time at all. As Francesca says, Reynold has the skill set of tossing sandbags. So, the fans win immunity and the favorites camp goes nuts. Phillip’s name gets brought up by Francesca, Andrea agrees and then runs off to Phillip to tell him. So, Phillip targets Francesca. Brandon claims he doesn’t trust Andrea (gee, Brandon claiming he can’t trust the attractive blonde, shocker!). It’s pretty wide open as to what is going on. We head to tribal and we learn that Phillip can correctly pronounce Francesca, and that he was supposedly mispronouncing it intentionally last time around. And this is supposed to make him sound less crazy? There’s also a funny bit where Cochran talks about how Boston Rob once indicated who should go by putting his hand on the shoulder of the target … and then Malcolm grabs Cochran’s shoulder. Then, we vote. Andrea is at first terrified as she gets out to an early vote lead, but then the votes roll in for Francesca and it’s 6-4 with her out first … again. That’s a particularly bad bit of survivor history for her.

In next week’s preview, Brandon is on the outs, so he’s pulling a Hantz and going nuts on everyone. What a good idea. As a note, Brandon, Erik and Brenda are clearly now on the outs, ending up on the wrong side of the night’s vote.
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TRIBE Member
I wonder who phillip is going to claim is a racist this time around? Besides him and Brandon bringing the crazy this looks to be a pretty forgettable season. Corinne could probably come back a third time and I'll still not have any idea who she is.

Probst seemed to have a bit of a cold. His voice seemed a little off.

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Every season starts slow. There's so many players, it takes a while to get going.

At least that's how I remember it...

My hope is for anything but when BR rode his lackeys to victory. That Shit was boring.

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
They were dumb to get rid of fran. Shes the most physical chick on the tribe. I wanted it to be andrea eventho her n malcolm wud make a nice couple. Malcolms ego took a beating when he lost thst challenge for them


TRIBE Member
Survivor may start out slow. But that was just on of the worse, uninteresting episode I may have ever watched of Survivor.


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Yeah its weird how in recent seasons people are more concerned about threats on their own tribe than the other tribe.

Its been a while since a strong unitied tribe eliminated the other tribe methodically. Boston Rob did it and it seemed like a solid strategy.
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- Francesca candidate for worst player in Survivor history? First to go out twice in a row, hilarious.

- I hope Phillip Sheppard stays awhile. He's entertaining, I enjoy him. Cochran too.

- Brandon is falling into the same pattern as his previous season. Both seasons he picks out a hot girl and thinks they're out to get him. There's definitely some issue there.

- I don't think the favourites will do well. They're mostly made up of people who play the part of antagonists. Whoever survives I see them jumping ship at the merge.

Bernnie Federko

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Pool Recap beginning in 3... 2...

The episode begins with the favourites returning from tribal council. Brandon is upset, ostensibly on behalf of Francesca, because she’s “a nice lady who has been voted out first twice”. More likely, it’s because he realizes he’s on the outside looking in. Dawn decides to try to explain to Brandon … something. Why it was ok for her to vote out Francesca, I think? That Brandon, in the minority group, should have empathy for Dawn, in the majority group? Brandon is not surprisingly unsympathetic to her point. Dawn goes off and starts crying because Brandon is not a good person. Which is ridiculous. Last time around, Dawn cried a bunch because she was on the outs with the majority. Now, she’s crying because she’s in the majority, but people who aren’t her allies aren’t treating her with enough deference? Boo! And then we get Brandon railing to Erik about how he’s going to burn the camp to the ground and go all crazy and stuff. All of this is before the opening credits and they’ve already shown us everything we saw in last week’s preview.

After the credits, it’s the next morning and already Brandon has changed his mind again. He explains to Cochran (and Erik) that last night he was thinking of turning all evil and stuff, but that now he’s calmed down and he wants to be good again. Cochran interviews smartly that Brandon’s unpredictability is dangerous (and I think he calls him a sociopath? A little much, I think). Phillip joins the group and Brandon tries to see how much wiggle room there is for him to join the majority. Most people would spout platitudes saying nothing, but leave Brandon feeling good about himself. Phillip goes another way. He talks about how the CEO has to trust his people, and … I’m not going into it all. To summarize, Phillip is the CEO, Brandon is ‘middle management’ and the CEO doesn’t talk to middle management unless he wants something. Add 1000% more condescension and disdain to my summary, and you have how Phillip came across. Brandon is back on the angry train and he rails to Corinne, and a couple others about how terrible Phillip is.

Meanwhile, on the Fans side, we see Shamar having turned over a new lead and he’s now hard at work doing everything around camp. No, that’s a lie. He’s doing nothing. He lies in the camp watching everyone else around him work with a very noticeable smirk. Yeah, that won’t annoy everyone else at all. He brags in an interview about doing nothing, and this does not seem like a winning strategy to get votes for the million. Maybe it gets you $100 grand, though? Sherry is very keen to keep Shamar along because he makes a very good target for the camp’s ire, and he’d be great in the final. She calls him ‘this tribe’s Phillip’ which has some racial connotations I’m not entirely comfortable with.

On to the reward/immunity challenge where there’s three people pulling a raft with three other people on it, and they then dive down to retrieve rings, get dragged back to the beach, and then the remaining survivors toss rings on pegs. We see Shamar make some comment during the prep discussion, but then immediately play the martyr about how no-one should listen to him because he’s just stupid. Bleh. They’re both even through the pulling phase, but the fans fall way behind during the ring diving phase. The favourites end up winning with Malcolm and Phillip providing the winning ring tosses.

Back at camp, the favourites celebrate with Phillip announcing the stupid made-up names he’s assigned the members of his renewed Stealth-R-Us alliance which features Cochran, Malcolm, Andrea, Corinne, Dawn and himself. Malcolm interviews that it’s ok for a few days as an amusement, but if this keeps going, he’s going to hang himself. Things are less pleasant at the fans camp, where Reynold is calling out Shamar for being lazy and argumentative. I think that’s what he’s saying because Shamar interrupts him constantly. Reynold calls him childish and Shamar responds with repeating the super-mature “Let it be childish!” over and over and over and over. He interviews that Reynold’s trying to villainize him to turn attention away from his alliance.

From there, we get Matt the bearded fellow talking to Reynold and Eddie about voting out Shamar, and the couples alliance honestly seems to think it will be unanimous for Shamar. In reality, we see the majority of six deciding that Allie should be the one to go. Matt seems reluctant, but he’s clearly not going to flip just to make it 5-5.

Then, Reynold sets out to find the hidden immunity idol … and he does! It’s hidden in some tree. He interviews that he needs to be subtle and careful with it, and then Laura immediately sees him fiddling with his pocket and correctly guesses he has the idol.

On to tribal council, where the couples alliance is outed as is Shamar’s laziness. Laura then burns Reynold by revealing his idol and he claims he’s going to play it tonight. Which guarantees he won’t. And he doesn’t. Sherry not-subtlely tells the group that she’s sticking with her plan and Allie is voted out 6-4.

In next week’s preview, Shamar reacts to not getting voted out by seemingly yelling at absolutely everybody. Excellent move.

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