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Survivor Cagayan Brains Brawn Beauty

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
New season starts February 2014.

- It's All-Newbies
- 18 people
- The twist is Brains vs Brawns vs Beauties


Some of the cast:
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room
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Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
A hahaha... Some incredible statements in the second hour!

"some of the crayons in her box ARE NOT BRIGHT"

And the horse-gums impression of the pilates instructor "Mal-NuTrisha" was gold.

However, the segment ended on an even higher note with the lying cop's harebrained scheme of building a "spy shack"!!!
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I am not sure how they picked the groups because some of the "beauties" don't look like they belong in that grounp, and the same thing goes with some of the "brawns." I am pretty sure the "brains" are just those that don't fit into the other two groups.

Glad David Samson got voted off first. One of the slimiest people in baseball.


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Brain tribe looks to be the worst of all time! I feel bad for Tasha and Spencer they seem ok, but the rest of them are just WTF!

Morgan should be great at the water challenges, she has some nice flotation devices ;)


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wouldn't it be cool if there was a 'survivor'-style show but combined with LOST..

So the contestants are dumped on a seemingly deserted island. Except it isn't entirely deserted. They're split into two groups. One is meant to go native and forage inland - they have access to fresh water and find a deserted village to inhabit. The "others" are sent to another area where they are meant to quickly find evidence of some kind of scientific research project with numerous deserted buildings and such, some with electricity. Limited food stores are found as well as the occasional tool they can use. There are clues around that if they figure out a puzzle they get a reward. Soon each faction discovers their respective locations and they are forced into conflict with one another. The science guys find a network of tunnels they can use to infiltrate the natives camp and steal things. The natives discover ways to cut off power to the science guys, etc. I mentioned they're not alone. So there's a third group of impartial instigators (not contestants, network employees) who are meant to infiltrate the groups and stir shit up. Each week there are challenges and the weakest or last to finish or whatever gets 'consumed by the jungle'.

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
And we’re off with yet another season of Survivor and it was a doozy of a first episode (2 hours long!). If I was to tell you that someone would destroy their tribe’s entire food supply, immediately before tribal council … and not get voted out, would you believe me? And how bad a player do you have to be that you get voted out over the anarchist psycho? (It turns out, pretty bad indeed.)

But let’s rewind back to the beginning. The conceit is Brains vs Brawn vs Beauty. No returning players, and no Redemption Island (yay!). We get the intro of the players with heavy editing so that they are talking about the trait that’s landed them on their particular tribe. Blah, blah, whatever. Jeff tells the players of the tribe split and then immediately makes them choose a leader. It’s LJ for Beauty, Sarah for Brawn and David for Brains. Then, the “leaders” are immediately told to pick the weakest member of their tribe. LJ picks Morgan the cheerleader (because she’s too hot), Sarah picks Trish (because she’s older and looks to be the weakest), and David picks Garrett the poker player (because he looks to be the strongest). LJ and Sarah are at least apologetic, but David is quick and brutal. He says his choice was for further ahead in the game. Which is remarkably stupid on the first day. It’s also remarkably stupid because there’s no way we’re losing three people right off the bat, so David’s made himself an instant enemy.

Jeff then interviews the three about how it sucks to be “voted off” this early. Um, this was not a vote, except in the literal interpretation of ‘one man, one vote’. Anyway, they’re obviously not out. Instead they’re sent to their camps early by helicopter and given a choice to help themselves or help the tribe. Garrett easily chooses to help himself and gets an obvious clue to the hidden immunity idol. It’s underwater but he finds it pretty easily. Trish decides to help the tribe and they get a second bag of rice. Morgan chooses to help herself … but can’t find the idol. While she’s looking, her tribe arrives but she dupes them into thinking she chose the tribe saying that the stuff they were given was because of her. Clever.

Then, we get the Beauty tribe making fire without flint. Also clever. Less clever is Tony (who is a cop) lying to Sarah (who is also a cop) about being a cop. He says he’s in construction but has like fifty friends who are cops. Huh, ok. All this does is make Sarah not trust Tony. Over at the Brains camp, we have J’Tia who is a nuclear engineer, deciding this makes her qualified to design a shelter. Not help construct it, mind you. Just bark orders at people about how to build it. This causes everybody to dislike the bossy person, go figure. Oh, and the idea doesn’t work, either.

On to the first immunity challenge which involves moving a cart through an obstacle course, picking up chests along the way, then disassembling the cart and moving everything through a wall, then reassembling the cart, through another obstacle, then solving a puzzle. Beauty and Brawn are good, Brains are terrible. They’re completely disorganized, suck at disassembling and getting through the wall. They drop their chests numerous times which then break open. It’s a fiasco. Beauty wins, Brawn are second and Brains are dead last. They’re going to tribal.

Back at camp, J’Tia is the obvious first choice because she’s rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Kass is direct and tells J’Tia she’s in trouble. Kass is right, but why tell her? However, Garrett is angling to oust David because of the earlier move by David (see? That’s why it was a bad choice). Garrett lines up J’Tia and Tasha, with Kass as the maybe. It doesn’t look good for David. Spencer (who seems like he’s actually good at this game) is worried about David having the idol, but Garrett doesn’t come clean.

On to tribal, where there’s a lot of blather and David is ousted, much to his surprise.

On to the second hour where we get more from the Brawn and Beauty tribe. At Brawn, Cliff and Woo are bonding over a failed fishing expedition and an impromptu swim after their boat tips over. Trish and Lindsey aren’t bonding over Trish wanting Lindsey to contribute and Lindsey mocking Trish’s overbite. Trish commiserates with Tony, who is also hard at work on setting up a ‘spy shack,’ which seems to entirely consist of him crouching behind the shelter. It’s not exactly him being a super spy. At Beauty, Morgan, Brice and Jeremiah are showing the beginnings of an alliance.

At the next immunity challenge, the tribes swim out to a wooden cage, climb in, then untie fishing traps and drag them to the beach. Finally there’s another puzzle for one person to solve. Being a lone puzzle solver puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders, hint hint. Brains are very good at the first part of the challenge, even with J’Tia being a terrible swimmer. They are way out in front when it’s puzzle time and J’Tia is the solver. Uh-oh. First Brawn catches and passes them with Sarah winning it for Brawn. Then Beauty does the same for second place. J’Tia completely fell apart in the puzzle, and it’s a pretty epic failure, with Jeff rubbing it in the entire time. Brains is going back to tribal and the target is now super obvious.

Back at Brawn, Tony figures there should be a clue in their fishing reward challenge, and there is. And he successfully finds their idol. He’s the (self-titled) king of the jungle.

At Brains, we get one crazy, crazy turn of events. It begins with Garrett insisting that they have an open group discussion where he puts Kass on the spot. She’s uncomfortable but says J’Tia is who she’d be voting for. Garrett then puts Spencer on the spot who doesn’t like the open discussion but agrees with the J’Tia pick. Tasha asks to speak to Garrett and Spencer alone. Garrett refuses, saying there’s no need. He wants everybody to sit together until Tribal, and this is utterly ridiculous. Tasha snaps at him out of frustration and walks away. Kass joins her and they get a moment to themselves and hatch a plan to turn things on Garrett. Garrett and Spencer join them in the water, and Kass worries about leaving J’Tia alone. Garrett doesn’t care, what could she do on her own? Well, quite a bit, as it turns out. She dumps all of the rice right into the fire. That’s their entire food supply. J’Tia plays dumb when they return, but it’s very very obvious what has happened. Kass is furious and their plan to oust Garrett would seem to be dead in the water. As they will be too once they starve to death.

Finally, we’re at the last tribal where Jeff is stunned by all the goings on (especially from the Brains tribe). J’Tia calls it ‘not her finest moment.’ Jeff asks why they would tell J’Tia she was going home, and Garrett completely self-destructs when he’s confronted with his stupidly trying to keep everyone from talking. He slips and talks about an alliance then clumsily corrects it to ‘tribe’. Then, he says the alliance was Kass’ idea. Kass calls this a lie (which it is). And it’s a stupid lie. Who is Garrett trying to convince? He doesn’t care about Tasha and J’Tia. And he’s just annoying Kass (and Spencer). It’s an awful performance. We vote, and Kass has flipped her vote and Garrett is out. Amazingly, Garrett hadn’t even brought his idol to the tribal, let alone playing it. For that alone, he deserves his fate. Whew that was a long recap. Stay tuned for next week when Tony continues to be an idiot.
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DJ Vuvu Zela

TRIBE Member
Stay tuned for next week when Tony continues to be an idiot.

Tony isn't an idiot. He was smart enough to be alert for the idol clue and find the hidden idol right away. And his spy shack idea could be ingenious. Like next level survivor business!

however, he does seem like a massive douche (his horrible tattoo is evidence of that) and his social skills are lacking so i doubt he has any kind of end game in him, , but i look forward to see him play the game.

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
This week’s episode begins with the Brains tribe returning from tribal council, and Spencer legitimately feeling on the outs. Tasha is very open in admitting that J’Tia would have been gone but for Garrett’s refusal to speak privately. For the moment, there’s a definite female alliance, and Spencer just wants to hang on.

Meanwhile, on Brawn, Tony tells Sarah that he is in fact a cop. She immediately forms an alliance with him, taking every word he speaks as gospel. Which is odd, since he was just lying to her for days. We get Tony interviewing that he’ll say anything to her at this point, while Sarah says “this is the most sincere handshake ever.” And her job focus as a cop is interrogation, apparently. Bit of a blind spot for cops apparently. Tony immediately begins lying saying that Cliff is targeting Sarah for elimination, and she seems to accept this with no issue.

And then we get the storm. People are miserable and unhappy, it’s raining a lot. There’s some pretty cool lightning footage which I was able to enjoy while nice and dry. LJ decides that while everyone is huddling under the shelter, he’s going to go looking for the idol. He thought it was suspicious that Morgan was by the rocks when they first arrived, so he goes along the beach to the same spot … and finds the idol tied to a rock underwater. Impressive. I’m curious whether Garrett’s idol is now lost (he buried it at camp before the tribal where he was eliminated) or if they’ll re-hide it.

For the upcoming challenge, the Brains tribe decide to practice throwing water to each other as the tree-mail has made it clear that will be taking place. So, we get to see them mostly just get wet. On to the challenge where the tribes first have to toss a bucket of water from one contestant to another then to a third, then throw just the water to a 4th tribemate, who catches it in another bucket and uses what’s caught to fill a tank. Fill enough and it releases a ball for two tribemates to navigate the ball through a vertical maze. Brawn is awesome at the water, Beauty is ok, and Brains is once again atrocious. Specifically, J’Tia who is 3rd in the line (catching the bucket then throwing the water) is terrible. Again. Brawn finishes first, then is quick through the maze and wins immunity and the comfort (tarp, blankets). Beauty finishes the water, but isn’t very good at the maze. Way back, Brains finishes the water, then Spencer and Kass fly through the maze, passing Beauty and winning immunity and a tarp. Wow. Good job there.

Back at the Brawn camp, Tony digs through the reward stuff and finds a clue to an idol he already has. Why isn’t anyone else thinking of this? Who knows? At Beauty, there’s a lot of scrambling. LJ, Jeremiah, Jefra and Alexis are in one group and Morgan, Brice and Jeremiah are in another. What’s wrong? Oh yeah, Jeremiah is telling both sides he’s with them. Well, that’s never gone wrong before. Morgan and Brice tell Jeremiah that Alexis should go and he agrees. They then rope in Jefra and tell her the same. But when she talks to Jeremiah, he says no, he’s not with them. Then, Alexis convinces her group to split the vote in case Morgan or Brice have an idol. So, we’re looking at a three way tie, or Jeremiah flipping and Alexis going home.

On to tribal where Brice does not come across very well, and battle lines are pretty clearly drawn (even if they’re hidden behind smiling faces). Brice talks about ‘the talk of the town’ a lot, enough so that Jeff immediately mocks him in using it as well. We vote and it’s a three-way tie between Morgan, Brice and Alexis meaning Brice is doomed. None of the three can vote next, so it’s three votes for Brice and he’s eliminated.

In next week’s preview, we see Sarah advocating for Brawn to throw the challenge (terrible idea), and a lot of shots of blindfolded people running into things, which is always good fun.


TRIBE Member
As an aside for all you reality game nuts...

The Netherlands, who really are at the top of the reality television foodchain, have come out with "Adam Zoekt Eva", sort of a Bachelorette-meets-Paradise Island deal. The woman at the centre of all this vets her various suitors in activities day by day, 2 at a time. At the end of the day, she sends one of them packing. The catch is that the daily activities are all done naked. I think the conceit here is that the nakedness promotes a 'nothing to hide' attitude in the contestants and breaks the ice almost instantly.

I don't understand Dutch but I don't really care.

First episode was last week, it's out there on the interwebs. Enjoy!

mitsuko souma

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How come I can't get the cops who believe every single fuckin thing you tell them??

I keep waiting for Spence to rip out J'Tia's weave and beat her to death with it.
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Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
It was another fantastic performance by the Brains tribe, to the point that I don’t particularly they should be called the Brains tribe at all. Good thing that this is the last episode for them then. We begin with the Beauty tribe returning from their first tribal council and Morgan is unhappy with Jeremiah. She shrewdly calls him out in front of everybody, asking why he betrayed Morgan and Brice, also while spinning it as Jeremiah’s original idea (lie). Jeremiah stammers out an explanation of why he went with his original alliance, completely failing to point the real blame at Morgan. As a result, Jeremiah is looked at with much suspicion.

And we get tree mail indicating an actual reward challenge! Whew, been awhile. It’s two people blindfolded being directed to pick up five items by a caller, and then those items have to be placed on a platform and hoisted by ropes (still by people with blindfolds). Oh and the field is also filled with barricades conveniently at groin height. Which LJ discovers repeatedly. The Beauty tribe flies through the challenge and win chickens and a rooster. Brains is well ahead of Brawn, and have their last item on the platform to hoist, but J’Tia is slow in hoisting and the platform tips and the flag falls off. This is at least the third time she messes up on the hoisting. She struggles forever to put the flag back on the platform, allowing the Brawn tribe to pass them and win a dozen eggs. Yeesh. Spencer is very unhappy, but is diplomatic in their discussion of the failure.

The Beauty tribe finds a clue to the hidden immunity idol, except that it’s no longer there. LJ has it. There’s also discussion of egg production/chicken mating and whether they need the rooster for the egg production. Then, there’s a killing of a chicken. On to the more interesting events taking place on the Brawn tribe.

Sarah is busy convincing the rest of her tribe that they need to throw the immunity challenge in order to get Cliff out. BOO! This is a terrible, terrible decision. For one thing, Sarah’s doing this based on lies that Tony has told. For another, you should never be throwing a challenge except in the most extreme of circumstances. Getting rid of Brandon when he went insane, for example. Even if Cliff was targeting Sarah (which he isn’t), that doesn’t mean he’ll flip on the tribe. Tribal numbers advantage is everything! At least in the early stages. Regardless, Sarah has Lindsey and Tony on board, and Woo is open to the discussion at least.

The immunity challenge involves tribe members diving for five balls tied to a rope, then shooting the balls from one platform to a container on another platform. If you miss, your teammates have to recover the shot from the water before you can try again. Brains is once again terrible. J’Tia is hopeless, can’t even get the shallowest ball. Beauty is doing well, and Sarah and Lindsey are definitely trying to throw the challenge. They repeatedly either miss getting the ball or are very slow (or both). But Brains’ natural terribleness doesn’t put them much ahead. Beauty wins easily, Spencer is shooting for Brains while Brawn is getting their last ball. Spencer gets a couple in, but J’Tia is hopeless in rebounding when he misses. Once Cliff is shooting, it’s lights out quickly. Throwing a challenge when Cliff gets to shoot baskets was iffy at best.

So, Brains is going back to tribal. Spencer lays out the case that J’Tia is terrible. Tasha and Kass agree. Tasha talks to J’Tia and Tasha wavers because J’Tia is loyal. Loyal but terrible. Tasha wavers, and continues to waver, and so on and so on. Kass just wants a decision. We get to tribal and the case for both is laid out again. Spencer also points out that even though J’Tia is loyal, she’s unpredictable which is just as big of a problem. Tasha and Kass are pretty openly conferring about what to do, which Jeff is thrilled to point out. Tasha legitimately seems torn right up until voting, where J’Tia is voted out. J’Tia is not surprised, what with her having destroyed their food supply.

With next week’s episode, we see they will be consolidating the tribes. It’s a brand new day!

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Sorry for the delay this week, I only saw last week’s episode yesterday. It was quite the episode, though. I’d be hard pressed to come up with a scenario that would better suit the ‘Brains’ tribe than what actually transpired. We begin with the Brains tribe returning to camp, where Kass explains that the decision to turf J’Tia took place at Tribal Council between Kass and Tasha. Wow. So, they really did come that close to making a terrible terrible decision. Spencer makes an amusing comment that they could be the final three … but for the two complete other tribes standing in their way. Then we have tree-mail that shows they’re getting a reward challenge but as soon as the tribes arrive, we get the “Drop your buffs” instruction from Jeff. The three tribes are consolidating into two.

The two tribes shake out as follows: One tribe has all three Brains joining three Beauty (Alexis, Morgan & Jeremiah) and one Brawn (Sarah). On the other tribe we have the remaining five Brawn members and two Beauty (Jefra and LJ). At first blush, it should be Brains vs Beauty with Sarah as the swing vote on one side, and Brawn crushing Beauty on the other side. After the new tribes are set, we immediately have the reward challenge which involved one tribe member clinging on to a pole while two opposing tribe members pull them off the pole and drag them across the sand to a finish line. Best 2 out of 3 wins. Tasha on the Brains+ side does very well to give them the first win, but then Cliff is unmovable in the 2nd and 3rd contests to give the Brawny Beauty tribe the win (or should that be the Beautiful Brawn tribe?). Whatever, they win various breakfast pastries.

Back at the Brain+ tribe, the 3 Beauty members fracture instantly. It’s revealed that Morgan lied on the first day when she said she chose to help the tribe, and so Alexis immediately approaches the Brains to join with them. Then, Morgan does the same. And finally Jeremiah too. So, at this point, Brains is firmly in control on the one side. On the other side, Trish immediately bonds with LJ since they’re both from Boston. This causes some minor annoyance/worry from Lindsey and Cliff who think the Brawn should remain strong.

On to the immunity challenge when the two tribes use a big pole as a battering ram through two wooden walls, then the pole fits through as a puzzle because it’s notched all the way around the pole. At first the Brawn+ tribe easily breaks through the first wall with the Brain+ falling behind … again. But they sort things out by switching the guys to the front of the pole and smash through both walls to gain a slight lead. Which they hold through the puzzle portion and win! So, Brain+ is off to a good start while Brawn+ is off to tribal for the first time for a lot of them.

Back at camp, Trish makes a full court press to eliminate Cliff. She tells LJ that she will flip with Tony (before talking to Tony - hmmm) which will give them 4 votes to 3. Tony interviews that LJ should go first, end of story. He agrees with Cliff and Woo that LJ should go. Bear in mind that LJ has a hidden immunity idol (as does Tony). Cliff, Lindsay and Woo think they’re ok even if Trish flips, which would be the case as long as she’s the only one who flips. Trish talks to Tony and lays out her case, but we don’t see which way Tony will go.

At Tribal, it’s all laid out and it’s clear that Trish is flipping. Tony is more circumspect. LJ is confident enough that he doesn’t play his idol which means he must have had a conversation with Tony we didn’t see. Otherwise that was very risky. They vote and Tony flips too, so Cliff is out 4-3 and the Brawn group is permanently fractured.

So, amazingly, the Brain group of 3 now has a chance at a solid alliance on their side and a fracture on the other side. And they were dead in the water at the beginning of the ep. Go figure. Next week, we see that Trish and Lindsey are heading to a showdown of some sort. And maybe Lindsey will bail (although that could easily just be my reading into the editing).

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Well, we had another busy episode this week, with some big stuff happening right up front. The tribe gets back from Tribal council and immediately Lindsey and Trish are arguing. There’s talk about mistakes made and how they don’t like each other. Then Lindsey makes it personal attacking Trish’s looks. Sigh, way to cost yourself the moral high ground there. Which is annoying cause I don’t like Trish either. They argue some more and finally Lindsey leaves camp. In the middle of the night. She’s off by herself on the beach and the next thing we know, Jeff is there. Uh-oh. Lindsey is afraid that if she stays, she’ll have a confrontation with Trish. As in, she’ll attack her? Like, physically? I think Lindsey’s just had enough and wants out. So she quits (without saying goodbye to her tribe). Jeff goes to the tribe and lets them know that Lindsey has quit. They’re outwardly happy, which is ridiculously stupid. Even on the outs, Lindsey is useful as someone to dump when you go to tribal.

And now the episode proper begins. We get the reward challenge where tribe members face off one-on-one each balancing an idol on a handheld little platform and the goal is to keep yours up while knocking down your opponent’s. First idol to hit the ground loses, first tribe to 4 wins. Spencer lucks into the best possible strategy (which no-one subsequently capitalizes on) where you hurl your idol up while knocking your opponents’ down. He wins his first duel with Woo, but in the rematch where it’s 3-2, Woo wins and wins he reward. The winning tribe sends two tribe members to the losing tribe to raid stuff from their camp. Tony and Woo go, and they’re given both a note telling them what they can take and a clue to the hidden immunity idol on their own beach (which is already gone). Spur of the moment, Tony decides to say to the other tribe that they have to give the clue to one of the losing tribe and picks Jeremiah. Uber sneaky and it totally works in ostracizing Jeremiah from the group. Jeremiah sees the clue and realizes it’s not even for this camp … but he singularly fails to convince the rest of his tribe. Alexis is openly gunning to oust Jeremiah now.

On to the immunity challenge, which is a obstacle course maze, machete chopping, puzzle solve. Tony sucks with the machete but he also then gives his puzzle solvers the numbers to find by looking at the other tribe’s puzzle, so Tony’s tribe wins again. Tony shouts ‘Top Five’ over and over, which is pretty crazy given that they’ll still be outnumbered 6-5 after this vote. The Brains+ tribe is very unhappy with this result and with Tony especially.

Back at camp, it’s coming down to Alexis or Jeremiah with the Brains group firmly in charge. Alexis is very confident that Jeremiah is going. Also of note, Sarah has taken Tony’s ‘top 5’ comment to heart, and seems to commit to the current tribe as a result. But aren’t you then admitting that you were willing to flip before that? If it were me, I’d be very worried about that, but it doesn’t seem to concern anyone else. Tribal council and there is no unity amongst the Beauty folks. It clearly comes down to Alexis vs Jeremiah … and it’s Alexis! A bit of a surprise, especially to Alexis who begins crying as she walks away. And continues sobbing through her exit interview. Ouch. At the next tribal, we’re getting an early merge and it’s looking like 2 groups of 5 with Sarah in the middle. Also complicated by one side having two idols but no-one knows that yet. Should be interesting!
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