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"Surf Control"


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My co's setting this program up- I looked it up on the web- it's a specific 'where & when'
of employee netsurfing montitoring.
From the website:

"After that, whenever an employee logs onto the Internet or the company intranet, surfCONTROL’s innovative packet-sniffing technology monitors, records, and manages Internet access … without slowing down your network.
The result? You can see what your Internet access is being used for – and gain total control over who in your company can access the Internet … where they can and cannot go … and at what time of the day they can surf business related and non-business sites. So you can cut out nonsense. And get your employees back to work."

So no more tribe or ebay or anything else non-work related at work for me soon.

Anyone else hear about this?
-J :<


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Well most company's have policies against surfing for "fun" ...

I work for the Federal Government and when our users login they have a warning each and everytime.
Any surfing of porn, illegal stuff, etc.. can result in termination.

I'm a Network Admin so they've never bothered me, but I have seen people get fired because of porn surfing, etc..

And don't forget my friend, Bandwidth = $$$
It's not cheap for you to be looking at huge picture threads, etc...

The average T1 costs a company anywhere from $400-1200 a month.



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or they can set up a proxy server that limits it to what "they" want you to see...but our network admins here are retards and it's very easy to get around