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The Kids of Widney High (http://www.kidsofwidneyhigh.com/)

These kids have formed their own band where they sing songs written by them. They don't allow their mental disabilities to hamper them in achieving their musical goals.

Be sure to download some tracks off Audiogalaxy
I recommend:
Primary Reinforcement
Throw Away The Trash

This is not spam, this is for a laugh! Me and my friends found this incredibly entertaining and are genuinely proud of these kids.

Hahaha, enjoy!!

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I remember reading about mentally retarded rappers in Vice once.

I also had the pleasure of seeing a documentary produced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the minds behind South Park), featuring down syndrome kids that host their own news show. It's called So How's Your News? and it toes the line btwn funny because it's genuine, and funny because you're so damn uncomfortable. I don't think it's been released here yet. But when it does, check it out.

From the Ministry of guilty laughter

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Maybe this should have been posted under tasteless jokes!

Some lyrics in one of their songs goes like:

It's hard to be so popular
They think I'm cute, the say I'm fine
But when I'm with just one girl (I can't help it)
Other girls are on my mind

:) <-------- Guilty