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SuperTyphoon Haiyan Exceeds Strength Rating Scale


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Super typhoon Haiyan just broke all scientific intensity scales

Super Typhoon Haiyan, strongest storm of 2013, heads for Philippines - CNN.com

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I think this is first time I've ever seen a weather report where the doppler radar shows the storm's most powerful sections in black.

I just found out they're just recovering from a recent earthquake. Fuck.

Fingers crossed for anyone that reads this that has family or loved ones there right now.
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I've been living in the Philippines for the last 3 years and we're just seeing the aftermath unveil itself now - a lot of areas were and some continue to be inaccessible either through communications or physically. Early estimates are over 1000+ dead but the true toll could be much, much higher.

Bottom line, I imagine most Tribers are doing well. Living comfortably, can afford trips, visits to nice restaturants, etc. I humbly ask that anyone reading this take some time this week to make a donation to the Red Cross. I don't know if anyone can truly imagine how little a lot of these people had a few days ago and how little is left for them now and in the days ahead.

Philippines' super typhoon Haiyan most powerful storm in history | Mail Online
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