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I am just wondering if anyone is superstitious? I kinda am - I knock on wood sometimes and don't generally walk under ladders if I can help it :) and I have heard people say that if your left hand is itchy it means you are going to recieve money or something - well my right hand is itchy - I wonder what that means? I am probably going to lose money
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I did a quick google search, and according to the site I hit, if the palm of your left hand is itchy, you will soon be paying out money. If the palm of your right hand is itchy, you will soon be GETTING money.

Just keep in mind, with old superstitions, the left side is usually associated with bad stuff. (e.g. spilt salt must be thrown over the left shoulder, into the face of the devil waiting there)
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My grandmum told me that if the palms of your hands are itchy it means you're going to receive money. It wasn't specific to one hand or the other... she also said that if your nose was itchy it meant that you were going to kiss a fool... for what that's worth... :)



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When I was 6 years old, walking home from school, I used to not step in the cracks (or break your mother's back).

Then I realized it wasn't from stepping in the cracks that the old lady was bedridden-- she had MS for fuck's sake! ;)

Haven't been superstitious since.

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we had a read-a-thon for MS when i was in grade 1. i read more books than anyone else and i won a big teddy bear with MS written on it. all i wanted was the damn frisbee. i haven't read a word since.


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I'm superstitious, but not about all things... I through spilt salt over my left shoulder (even though I don't believe in the devil)... I'll knock on wood... that sort of stuff. But other superstitions, like the walking under the ladder thing, I don't mind so much... I'll still open an umbrella indoors (though I must admit I always feel like it's wrong).

And black cats are lucky! :)
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i only had some superstitous when sports was involved.. like wearing the same undershirt (washed ofcourse) if i was on a winning streak, or never stepping on the baseline while coming off the field.. eating the same meal..etc etc


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My dad is superstitious and here are a few of the silly things I've been told over the years.

- If you drop a knife and it lands with the sharp edge pointing up, it means you'll have an argument with someone.
- Never go back home...if you forget something. It's bad luck. If you must go back, and then you have to sit, with you legs raised above ground and count backward from 20 to 1.
- Never step over a person on the floor. Apparently it causes infertility.:rolleyes:
- If you dream about swimming in dirty water it means you'll get sick.
- If you dream about shit... it means you'll be receiving money.

There's more... but the only ones I kind of believe in…is the knife one… and poopy dreams :p


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I'm not very superstitious, at least with regards to rituals. I do get those werid feelings, vibes, strange energy feelings though...and I tend to follow them. If I don't feel right in a place - or if I feel like a place has a bad "aura", even if it seems really normal or whatever - I'm quick to get out of there. Same thing with people. There are certain people, that for no *logical* reason, I will avoid.