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SUPERHERO MOVIES - Reviews With Spoilers

Klubmasta Will

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the purpose of this thread is to let tribe's nerds and fanboys debate, criticize and laud superhero flicks as soon as they come out, with freedom to discuss story elements, details and plot twists without spoiling surprises for those that read the 'SUPERHERO MOVIE UPDATES' thread.

any movie is fair game as soon as it opens to the movie-going public.


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So… BvS: Dawn of Justice was a humourless amalgam of the Dark Knight Returns and Doomsday/Death of Superman comic book story arcs.

I predict the first JLA movie will be the resurrection of Superman to fight along side the JLA against Darkseid (DS replacing the Hank Henshaw cyborg character in Reign of the Supermen).

Klubmasta Will

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

I didn't hate this flick. I was afraid that I might hate it given the negative early reviews, but I think my lowered expectations allowed me to enjoy the movie without hoping for too much. I'd give it a 6.5 out of 10.

Zach Snyder is NOT a good story-teller. He knows how to copy pretty images from comic books, but he misses the point of the stories. 300 was still good because that story was all style with little depth. His attempts at tackling more complicated stories have been failures.

After waiting our entire LIVES to see Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman finally meet each other on screen, we get no meaningful dialogue between Batman and Superman (just silly soundbytes like “Do you bleed? You will.”), and I don’t think Superman and Wonder Woman ever actually say a single word to each other, which is a complete letdown. There is tons of CGI violence and visual style, but no substance and no emotional weight.

I won’t get into other flaws like Batman KILLING people with guns (which is completely contrary to the character) even though he doesn’t bring his own guns to the fight, he just fires guns from other bad guys that he knocks down which makes no sense, Superman not caring about hurting innocent civilians (which should be Superman’s greatest weakness, not Kryptonite), Lex Luthor being a retard (which, while bad, is no worse than Gene Hackman’s and Kevin Spacey’s Luthors, both of whom were buffoons), Wonder Woman wanting to steal a digital photograph of herself for no particular reason, Wonder Woman having the power to shoot energy blasts at Doomsday which makes no sense, Lex Luthor being able to create Doomsday by spilling his blood onto Zod’s corpse while standing in a Kryptonian ship, Batman shooting Superman with automatic machine guns but not thinking to stick a Kryptonite bullet into the mix, Batman being 100% certain that he had to kill Superman in order to protect humanity but then changing his mind when Superman revealed that his mother’s name was also Martha, Batman thinking that he should lure Doomsday back to the city where the Kryptonite spear is laying rather than going to get the spear and bringing it back, Superman realizing that he could beat Doomsday by punching him into orbit but then not trying that again, Superman turning from corpse to perfectly healthy given 5 seconds of sunlight, etc.

The movie-makers basically took the most iconic moments from 20 epic Batman and Superman comic book stories and mashed them together. The result is that none of the moments had any meaningful impact or emotional weight. No tears were shed by anyone when Superman “died” at the end and no one was surprised to see him back to life.

Zach Snyder only has one speed, which is full throttle. In that way, he is like Michael Bay. He’s like an EDM producer that only does build-ups and drops. Or a boxer that only throws haymakers. Or a movie fight choreographer that thinks it looks amazing to see Superman get tossed through a building (which is true) so then, hey, let's have that happen 30 times in the movie. Zach Snyder tries to cram in 100 epic moments, so instead none of them are memorable.

Despite all of the above, I still didn’t hate BvS, likely because the early reviews (29% on Rotten Tomatoes) had me expecting a disaster on par with Josh Trank’s FANTASTIC FOUR, and this is not nearly that bad. There are some great scenes in BvS, as there were in MoS, and for that reason they were both worth watching.

It is disappointing that WB/DC seems intent to keep making this style of film, rather than listen to the fans. DC has decades worth of incredible stories, great characters and great character interactions. It is ridiculous to think that a movie starring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman gets complaints for lack of storytelling and character development.

BvS will likely make money despite the negative reviews, in large part because foreign markets like China do not care about such flaws. I really wish an executive at WB/DC would pull rank and insert a proper story-teller into the creative process for the upcoming Justice League movies.

Ah well. I fully expect Civil War to knock the shit out of BvS.

Klubmasta Will

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So… BvS: Dawn of Justice was a humourless amalgam of the Dark Knight Returns and Doomsday/Death of Superman comic book story arcs.
so, did you like it? despite all the flaws, i did enjoy it overall, and i will likely own a copy of it when it's available.

i'm looking forward to the stand-alone DCU flicks, like Wonder Woman, more than the justice league films. watching the team fight darkseid seems like it will be even more of a CGI snoozefest than the doomsday fight.
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rave jedi

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i'm looking forward to the stand-alone DCU flicks, like Wonder Woman, more than the justice league films.
Favorite part of the whole movie was seeing Wonder Woman do her stuff and it was great listening to that very amazing and hypnotic tune from the soundtrack in the movie.


Never thought that I could ever fall for another actress playing Wonder Woman, but Gal Gadot won me over into seeing the movie three times (2X laser IMAX and 1X 70mm film print) over the weekend!

When I was a little kid Lynda Carter`s Wonder Woman was truly my first love literally. I wanted to marry her. I even told Lynda Carter that when I met her for a CD and book signing at Indigo back in 2008. LOL

DJ Vuvu Zela

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Saw it last night. Some nice eye candy shots, but what an overwrought mess of a film. Shocking that WB & DC allowed what should have been their golden goose to become so unwieldy and incoherent. So many of these problems should have been corrected in the script before Snyder even began shooting it.

For anyone hoping for better in the future, don't hold your breath. Snyder begins shooting the first Justice League film in 2 weeks :


also, in case anyone thought the film was too short, here's a deleted scene :


still can't believe anyone could cast Eisenberg as Lex Luther. WTF were they thinking?
It wasn't terrible, but pretty sloppy and trying to do way too much in one movie. It felt like the movie was trying to catch up on nearly a decade of Marvel movies and trying to generate the excitement in one film, instead of steadily building their universe bit by bit like Marvel did.

I did like the soul searching and the dual views of asking how humans are supposed to live normal lives with the specter of god like metahumans capable of incredible amounts of destruction - and giving some faces to the victims of the destruction that was caused by the Man of Steel finale. The cameos by Neil DeGasse Tyson and others lent some interesting perspective on the idea.

Ben Affleck was a far better Batman/Bruce Wayne than I expected, with Jeremy Irons making a very cool Alfred type character. Wish I could say the same of Jesse Eisenberg, who's way too neurotic and full of facial tics, distracting from any evidence that he's a puppetmaster type character who's able to pit two DC titans against each other.

However, the movie broods endlessly and doesn't really show much of a sense of humour until the final, CGI berserk end and when that's over the denouement is a bit of a mess of back and forth that doesn't really flow very well (Batman visiting Luthor in jail was a bit of a "huh?" moment that came out of nowhere).

Again, it's not great, but it isn't the disaster that the critics are claiming it to be. I didn't mind seeing a very grim take on Batman and Superman going against each other (especially with Batman having few qualms about killing people, even if some of the deaths by his hand are "forced accidents"). I think in some ways that this is DC trying to up the ante in trying to make their characters seem more badass than say some of the Marvel heroes.
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Speaking of spoilers, you can't watch the 1st trailer of a movie anymore without the story being laid out for you anymore. Perfect example is the new Ghostbusters movie.

I think teasers (the very first "trailer") are still okay but I've given up on official trailers altogether, unless I'm super pumped for something.


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Speaking of spoilers, you can't watch the 1st trailer of a movie anymore without the story being laid out for you anymore. Perfect example is the new Ghostbusters movie.

I think teasers (the very first "trailer") are still okay but I've given up on official trailers altogether, unless I'm super pumped for something.
Yeah, teasers are the only way to go. I've started to avoid full trailers as they appear to be incapable of doing one without laying out the more pivotal moments in a sequential manner.


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I think the first trailer for Star Wars Force Awakens was awesome, where Fin the supposed "bad" storm trooper pops up, followed by snippets of random scenes.

I wonder what's going to be the next movie we'll be jonesing for...

Klubmasta Will

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Yeah, teasers are the only way to go. I've started to avoid full trailers as they appear to be incapable of doing one without laying out the more pivotal moments in a sequential manner.
I do the same. I watch the first teaser only and then avoid full trailers for any movie that I know I will see. I close my eyes and plug my ears when they show trailers at the start of movies.

If you already know you are going to see the movie, why would you want to see snippets of cool scenes from the movie first? It makes no sense to me.

I would have loved to have been surprised by Doomsday in BvS. Unfortunately, even though I avoided the trailers, some fucker (Jelo) mentioned it to me after we bought the tickets.
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Klubmasta Will

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I wonder what's going to be the next movie we'll be jonesing for...
Civil War!

The Russo Brothers did such a great job in Winter Soldier, I'm excited to see them take on a larger cast and storyline. I heard that Spider-Man is in the latest trailer, which I have refused to watch. I think it would be expecting too much to be surprised by Spider-Man's appearance given that the Marvel/Sony deal was all over the news.

Also - The Jungle Book, Suicide Squad, X-Men Apocalypse, Jason Bourne, Dr. Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and of course Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. :)


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what a mess. if you want to set up your franchise this is not how you do it

- resting blue steele face
-didnt know seeing ghosts was one of his powers
- they did not make me care about him one way or the other
- is he now dirtneto the master of dirt....what was the crap at the end with the dirt lifting off the coffin???

- again, did not make me care about him one way or the other
- didnt explain anything, was that supposed to be the superman-buster suit ala hulkbuster?? if so maybe an explanation instead of shitprise
- didnt know he was a seer with that dream

lex luthor
- did not make me think for one second he was an evil genius, more like a teen with hyper adhd who never took his ritalin
- the fuck is he talking about ringing a bell?? no explanation
- maybe explain exactly what derformed kryptonian means instead of again...shitprise
- hoped he got killed in every scene he was in

wonder woman
-who the fuck cares, completely forgettable

there wasnt one character i cared about. this wasnt a movie it was more like a pile of scenes that have nothing to do with the other mashed together. they could have completely left out the first 20 mins or so, everyone knows batmans back story ffs. so much wasted time on shit that made no sense and didnt further the plot. the bullshit at the end of the bvs fight where the mention of his mother all of a sudden makes em bosom buddies is off the charts wtf.
another thing, with aquaman creating underwater sonic booms when he travels i couldnt see how he would be a secret, come on.,...who wrote this crap??
this is gives tranks ff a run for its money as a complete waste of time, and with the avengers ultron for totally unneccessary
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I finally saw DoJ over the weekend. It wasn't as horrible as the reviews are stating but it certainly wasn't good.

I'll buy the blue ray because i'm a fanboy and i'll enjoy watching this again but I wont force anyone else to.

It's really obvious that WB needs another director and story writer on set. If they kept the movie to just Luthor with a dirty bomb or something I actually think they would have pulled it off but the entire Doomsday arc was just bad. The logic leap from LL entering the crashed ship to understanding how to make a monster was nuts. My wife thought she fell asleep and missed the part where they explained how this happened. Unfortunately not. This was as bad as the intelligence machine in Battlefield Earth. Lazy writer to move the plot forward.

Amy Adams is just wrong for this role, Hopefully they'll cut her for JLA.

Cavill is Superman. I'll continue to support him.

Affleck as Batman...waaay better than I was expecting and I would see another film with him reprising this role.

Gadot as Wonder Woman..she had the look. Her plot line made no sense but I think she can be salvaged.

Luthor...just awful. Especially after seeing what Marvel has done with Kingpin the bald bad guy bar has been raised.

This film had soo much potential but they shit the bed. The back half of the film went CGI drunk and I don't think there was a single redeeming thing about the Doomsday arc. So poorly handled.

How Nolan let his name be associated with this is beyond me. Snyder should be fired and they should give them reigns to Alex Garland.

All of that being said. It's not horrible like the Schumacher Batmans, Green Lantern, Suckerpunch it's like Wolverine Origins bad. Enjoyable for those with an emotional investment but disappointing.. It's just not nearly as good as it should have been considering this was the bedrock for the franchise.

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Klubmasta Will

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Captain America: Civil War

Civil War was awesome. Tons of heart, loads of laughs, an interesting philosophical debate (metaphor for real life) explored well, incredible action and the best example of juggling multiple characters ever seen in a superhero movie. Zach Snyder should take notes for Justice League.

Some random thoughts:

1. The heart of the movie is Captain America versus Iron Man. Cap is the heart, soul and conscience of the Avengers, while Iron Man is the realist who knows that sacrifices must be made for the greater good. Their debate is interesting to watch as they both care deeply for the other, even (or especially) as they fight.

2. The feud scenes between Bucky and Falcon - both vying to be Cap's best friend - are hilarious.

3. Scarlett Witch is portrayed wonderfully. I had doubts that a character with such an unusual power (the magical ability to conjure "hexes") could be portrayed well, but they pull it off even if the "hex" nature of her ability is not explained.

4. The Vision is also great comic relief, much like Data in Star Trek TNG as he struggles to become more human. His scenes with Scarlet Witch (his former wife in the comics) are very nice.

5. I really like what they did with Falcon, being able to use his wings as a bullet-deflecting shield. This makes him much more interesting and useful than the comic book version.

6. Ant-Man is another awesome addition to the cast. From his hero-worship of Cap to the biggest fanboy-orgasm moment of the film (which I won't mention even though it's a spoiler thread), he is one of the standout characters in the film.

7. Tom Holland's Spider-Man is perfect, perhaps the best live-action portrayal of Spider-Man and young Peter Parker of all time. The first meeting between Tony Stark and Peter Parker may be my favourite scene of the entire MCU. It was everything the comic book lover in me wanted from that momentous first meeting. (Contrast that with the first meeting of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent which was completely underwhelming, or the first meeting of Superman and Wonder Woman where they say exactly zero words to each other.) The Russo Brothers seem to know exactly what the fans want, which makes them outstanding film-makers in this genre. Marissa Tomei as the sexy Aunt May is also a great touch. They really left us anxiously awaiting the next Spider-Man film.

8. Chadwick Boseman is excellent as Black Panther. He entire suit is made of vibranium, not just his claws as in the comics. The result is that his suit is bullet proof which (like Falcon) makes him a more useful character to the team.

9. The absence of Thor and Hulk is noticeable, which is good as they would have dominated the fight, and it leaves us looking forward to seeing the two heavyweights team up in the next Thor flick.

10. The airport battle scene is quite simply the best superhero fight ever portrayed on film, television, animated shows/movies or in the comics. The Russo Brothers are creative choreographers and do a great job juggling so many characters and match-ups. If Marvel, Fox and Sony could ever get a deal done to put 'Avengers vs. X-Men' on screen, the Russo Brothers should get the job. The only (slight) downside to the airport battle being so great is that the final battle (Cap & Bucky vs. Iron Man) feels a bit like "too much of a good thing".

11. Other downsides are Baron Zemo, the main villain of the film, as his master plan, once revealed, relied too much on coincidence/convenience, and the "revelation" that Winter Soldier killed Tony Stark's parents, as this felt forced and gave a cheaper reason (revenge) for the final battle between Cap and Iron Man. Somewhat reminiscent of the "my mother is also named Martha" scene from BvS, I didn't love Tony's "You killed my mother" justification for the final fight.

The great things about this movie FAR outweigh the bad, and one has to give credit for pulling off what no other filmmaker has done so well, juggle an enormous cast of superheroes while managing to do justice to every single character used.

This is an outstanding film. I cannot wait to see it again.


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The 2015 Fantastic Four was added to Netflix with a 1.5 star rating. I think my biggest issue with this film is that the Thing is the heart of the team and the way he was mismanaged in terms of screen time was why this iteration of the FF didn't click with me and allow me to overlook the film's other flaws.

And I think this is my issue with a lot of comic adaptations. If I don't connect with the portrayal of the hero, I can't tolerate any liberties the director takes with the source material. I am much more forgiving when the actors carry the film over the plot holes or divergences.


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I cut out of work an hour early to see this yesterday. Oh man. Hands down the best of the MCU to date.

I was skeptical gong in because of the volume of superheros. Things seems to go to crap when they amp up the numbers but this was not the case with Civil War.

IMO Chris Evans is Cap. He's jsut so damn good.

KMW's review is spot on. The Spidey execution was also my favorite of the film. I don't know who the kid is that plays him but they nailed it. The Spidey banter was some of the best i've seen in a superhero movie to date. I was giddey watching his scenes.

I thought Rudd was also great, which I was not expecting and actually forgot that he was in the film until he appeared.

Seeing more of Vision was a treat and Olsen's Scarlet Witch was great. This is a 180 for me because I really didn't like her in Ultron. I'm glad to see they got rid of the horrible accent (mostly).

The way they introduced Black Panther was very well done and how they executed his scenes was flawless.

Overall I did like Zemo and the angle they took with him. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of him. The dead parents angle did seem forced but i'll give Roger Stirling a pass. I for one did not see the what was coming at the Hydra compound. That was a pleasant surprise.

I could go on and on. It was just such a satisfying experience. In particular the real world effects stood out especially compared to the CGI vomit of Dawn of Justice.

I* would be the first to sign any petition which asked the Russo Bros to reboot DC once they've had their fill of Marvel.

Can't wait for part deux.

stew :D:D:D:D:D
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Hi i'm God

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As a massive X-men fan (broke onto the set of the filming of the first one), I liked the new X-men Apocalypse movie.
Wolverine in the weapon x head gear was sweet, Caliban was perfect and also would have made a great horsemen. Phoenix was great too!

That being said this movie had a lot of ch33sech33sech33sech33se Not a fan of Signer's style anymore it was nice in 2000 but it should have improved.

It was better than Batman V Superman, not as put together as Captain America but there was enough fanservice to get through it.
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