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rave jedi

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Saw the new movie "Shazam!" last night and it was a lot of fun, especially spotting all the scenes filmed in Toronto. I've been to almost all of these spots. LOL

Pretty hyped for "Avengers:Endgame" and we have Thursday opening night tickets, even though the Cineplex website crashed on us during first day sales. Won't be able to see it at Scotiabank's laser IMAX theatre until my third viewing.
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I got a bad feeling last trailer I watched...
Ok finally saw Dark Phoenix last night - if you go in with low expectations? No reason not to enjoy it! I was fearing something on the level of the execrable Fantastic 4 movies or bad DC comic movies but I felt it was certainly better than that.

I think biggest issues will be an ending that feels a bit abrupt and not so "tying it all off" as I understand this is the last xmen movie for this set of companies and rights will move to others going forward? So there's no grand ending here - but there is an ending for the plot of this specific movie.

Do they do justice to Jean Greay and the phoenix story? Better than the LAST attempt at least - and maybe outside the 90s cartoon and the original comics we have the best attempt to this story in film so far.

Sophie Turner was pretty good!

Anyway - its a decent movie I think, not a great one, also not complete shit. Maybe all the re-edits in post on this cobbled it together in the best way they could!
The Joker movie with Joaquim Phoenix is getting rave reviews, says that he stands shoulder to shoulder with Heath Ledger for the role.

They're describing it as something like if you had The King of Comedy, combined with Network and replacing the mad prophet/stalker role replaced with the Joker from Batman.

Most of the reviews I'm reading are saying Todd Phillips has broken away from being known as a comedy director after this.
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