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Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by Klubmasta Will, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Kind of funny how Feige hasn't said a single word about the next stage in Marvel - wondering if he's leveraging for a huge paycheque or something better (I wouldn't rule out some kind of executive oversight of a Studio - Disney or otherwise - he's more than shown he can play in the big leagues with Spielberg, Lucas, Kasdan, Scott, Howard and others as a producer) as I think his contract is coming up for renewal?
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  2. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    Understood and respect those that avoid trailers.......but fyi there is a new Infinity Wars trailer.......no spoilers but this is looking amazing!
  3. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    Tickets for Avengers Infinity War went on sale this morning. We picked up tix for the Thurs, Apr. 26 @10:35pm show at Scotiabank IMAX. All the good seats are taken for the first several showings at that theatre, so get your tickets now!!!

    p.s. Fuck trailers! (But glad to hear that it looks amazing.) :)
  4. Wiseman

    Wiseman TRIBE Member

    hey I totally respect this and understand it which is why I don't post the link or any details. I don't have the same restraint lol.
  5. defazman

    defazman TRIBE Member

    thanks fellow nerds, got my opening night tickets
  6. rave jedi

    rave jedi TRIBE Member

    Have opening night IMAX seats as well. However, I really wish the aspect ratio was 1.43 to 1 like how we saw "Dunkirk" in IMAX. Unfortunately the new "Avengers: Infinity War" movie even though filmed entirely using the new digital IMAX cameras will only have an aspect ratio of 1.90 to 1. Bummer!

  7. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

    9 more sleeps!
  8. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

  9. rave jedi

    rave jedi TRIBE Member

    Super badass movie! Saw it last night in 3D IMAX and it wasn't my first choice because I can't stand those dark glasses. That is why later today, I'm seeing it in 2D laser IMAX.
  10. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    Hey you seem to know a lot about the best theatre tech and where it is.

    Is Scotiabank theatre the only one with laser 3D imax or do we have more options in the GTA now?

    Are you aware of any "dual laser projector" 3D anywhere? I understand we get full-res for each eye with this setup and should be better for motion.
  11. rave jedi

    rave jedi TRIBE Member

    Pick your viewing time at Scotiabank Theatre because it is the only theatre in the GTA with dual laser IMAX projection in both 2D and 3D. Actually this is incorrect because last November the Cinesphere was reopened and they have both dual laser projection in IMAX and the older 70mm IMAX. However, they only show second run movies, so you won't be able to see "Avengers: Inifinity War" there until 2 or 3 months from now. I'll going be there because it is a phenomenal theatre and the movie is pretty great too. LOL

    Cinesphere Information & Tickets - Ontario Place
  12. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

  13. Saw Blade Runner 2049 there for my birthday and they've done a fantastic job of fixing up the theater and the picture quality was fantastic. I was told that the Cinesphere was one of the best places to see Dunkirk (Nolan screened it there as an exclusive screening during the film festival this year, and said himself that it's the best IMAX screen in North America). But I don't think they have the equipment for 3D IMAX there yet (so all the prints they're screening are in 2D)

    It really is a great theater. I've seen TONS of movies there when I was growing up and into the 90's. Seeing the original Star Wars trilogy, Heat, Aliens, Die Hard and a huge list of others were all fondly remembered.

    2001 A Space Odyssey is going to be screened in 70mm this spring/summer with a new restored print. If they screen it at the Cinesphere, or even screen it at the TIFF theaters, I'm going fo sho.
  14. rave jedi

    rave jedi TRIBE Member

    Current capacity holds 614 seats and 527 for 3D viewing.

    Cinesphere Information & Tickets - Ontario Place

    This is incorrect. They definitely have 3D IMAX there and have shown several Hollywood feature films in 3D laser IMAX since reopening. This past February, I saw Patty Jenkins 2017 film "Wonder Woman" in 3D laser IMAX. I visit their website regularly to find out what movies they'll be playing since I'm not social media and don't get a tweet from them.
  15. KickIT

    KickIT TRIBE Member

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  16. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

  17. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

  18. wickedken

    wickedken TRIBE Member

  19. wickedken

    wickedken TRIBE Member

    Justice League... mix of good and bad production. it's an "assembly" of narratives and that needs that story telling. I still felt like I was missing out on parts. Aquaman? Who's the guy who looks like the Borg? Why is Bruce Wayne such an asshole and will he be the bankroller for the "team"? Will Superman always save the day? Who win's the race?
  20. I found the action sequences a bit spotty. The underground fight they had that went vertical should have been much, much more dynamic - but I found it really uninspired. The whole movie felt really uneven to me, which is disappointing considering how well Wonder Woman worked out.

    There was a pretty good movie in there, but it felt like a lot of studio interference, Snyder having left production due to his daughter's suicide and Joss Whedon showing up to "finish" the movie. It was a pretty troubled production.

    I expect a bit of the same from the new Solo movie - something I want to watch, but given how much trouble there was behind the scenes, I'm not getting my hopes up.
  21. Krzysiu

    Krzysiu TRIBE Member

    Solo was pretty fun — Donald Glover as Lando was the highlight, and the young man who played Solo wasn't as wooden as I had feared. I think Emilia Clarke has found her niche in sci-fi/fantasy, being able to look both doe-eyed and scheme-y. Paul Bettany was underused. The plot was predictable and the big twist reveal was no shocker for anyone who is familiar with the canonical cartoons (Clone Wars, Rebels). Han's first alien employer was great. More aliens like that! They retcon'd the parsec mistake in a semi-plausible fashion but I disliked how Han got his name. I also disliked Clint Howard's cameo because I was anticipating it the whole movie. DAMN YOU, OPIE!!

    OH! And this movie's set designs felt the closest to the gritty 70s props of the original movie, which I really appreciated. I think the Obi-wan Kenobi film is inevitable now. I hope Ewan McGregor is polishing up is his Alec Guinness inflections.

    "Hello there!"

    Next Up: Ant Man and the Wasp!
  22. Klubmasta Will

    Klubmasta Will TRIBE Member

  23. praktik

    praktik TRIBE Member

    Economical in time tho!

    I was entertained more than bored
  24. Alden Edenreich did a good job picking up on the tics and gestures that Ford did with the character well. I was pretty sold as him being a younger Solo. The rest of the cast I found very good - Paul Bettany was a very compelling villain, and I would have loved to see him as a rival to Jabba the Hutt. While Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton could have used a bit more time onscreen and a bit more depth. Good mentor role for Harrelson. Good voice casting of Jon Favreau, who seemed to be the most alive character out of everyone

    The movie itself though, just was total damage control. Ron Howard was a decent director, but a lot of his best work is more historical or period pieces - Frost/Nixon, Apollo 13 and Rush are all good examples. He captures an era, but when it comes to more contemporary era'd work, I don't see his style come through. With this, I didn't really feel like I wasn't fun, just a lot more workmanlike - action sequences were serviceable but unremarkable, any flight sequences are interesting, but not thrilling, some good moments that could have been better with a lot less pressure coming down from Disney, demanding that they just get things done for the release date. They pulled off saving what should be a great movie, but in the process reducing it to only good. Oh yeah, the movie uses a very drab color pallet (very dark, lots of browns, darker colors), it doesn't really look or feel like a Star Wars movie.

    It also felt like a boxes being ticked off in order to pay homage to the original trilogy, more than contributing anything really meaningful to the Star Wars universe to me. I wanted to like this more, they had a good script, a good story, and could have maybe developed characters a little more - it's just a shame that there was so many issues in making the film, and that it had so much riding on it.
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