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Superchumbo? Danny Howells?

I need some help from some of the well informed System Breathe TBKers like Coleridge, Che, Nesta etc...... (don't mean to offend anyone not mentioned there)

What is going to happen March 29th when System brings in Howells and Stephan? Who is playing where and at what time? I would highly doubt that they'd bring in Stephan and screw him over with an opening set, 12-2 styles. That's just a waste of his talent and money. I would hope that there wouldn't be any overlap (ie. both spinning at the same time) between Howells and Superchumbo, but I don't know what's going to happen given that the flyer states to expect a 5 hour set from Howells. Are they going head to head? It didn't say so on the flyer. I really don't want to have to make choices between the two. Stephan is awesome, so I hope the System and TBK massive get the opportunity to see what DT's protege can do in the main room and in a good time slot. Furthermore, given the DT ties (Howells spinning at Vinyl all the time + Stephan's work w/DT) I really, really hope that we can all see them both without having an opportunity cost. We have the potential to hear some of the deepest, darkest, dirtiest, sexiest, tribal, progressive house and I am certain that all will lose thier shit at watching these two guys work together on the decks if they do some how.

I'd love to see Howells 2-7, Superchumbo 7-10 when it is time to get really down and dirty. Whether or not that is feasible, I don't know.

It's a long weekend, PLEASE BREATHE.....

Thoughts anyone?



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a late night / early morning session @ breathe with these two talented djs & producers would be wicked...add my name to your petition...



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I believe its Superchumbo from 12-2:30 and then Danny from 2:30-7:30 (close). I could be wrong about the times but I do know that Howells is closing the night. Its gonna be mental! Watch out for "Howells 5am-style techno"
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Special K

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K thanks for clearing that up, i cant remember where i read he would not be coming to System, I think it was tranceaddict or torontonightclub.com, either way good to see those were just RUMORS!!!


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i'm almost positive tom stephan will open for dh.
howells has to bring the lights on. it can't be any other way.
some serious talent coming into town for easter weekend.