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superbowl MVP


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just curious as to who y'all think will end up winning the MVP of the superbowl.

Tom Brady +175
Jake Delhomme +750
Stephen Davis +800
Antowain Smith +1200
David Givens +2200
DeShaun Foster +1500
Muhsin Muhammad +2000
Troy Brown +2000
Kevin Faulk +2800
Deion Branch +2200
Adam Vinatieri +2500
Steve Smith +1500
Mike Rucker +2500
Dan Morgan +2500
Bethel Johnson +2800
Willie McGinest +2000
Julius Peppers +2500
Kris Jenkins +2500
Rodney Harrison +1800
John Kasay +3500
Asante Samuel +2500
Richard Seymour +3000
Ty Law +1600
Ricky Manning Jr +2200

both QBs are good choices... other than that.. I'd go with Givens, Muhammad, Faulk, Peppers or Law.

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Klubmasta Will

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everyone and his/her brother/sister will be picking tom brady.

with those odds, and considering the strong panthers defence (especially in the red zone), adam vinatieri is a good bet.