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super stressed out


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here was my week

- got in a fight, went with out talkin with this person for a week

- fainted for the first time in my life and knocked my head pretty good and will have a huge bruise this same time tomorrow

- thought someone put something in my drink when i was out this week and poured my whole drink down the sink

- TODAY - was at the scene of 2/3 accidents that happened in mississauga today, was at 1 car accident in mississauga, helped a woman after it happened, and later was rear ended, requiring a rental car, (Total = 3 hours wasted: 1 being nice people helping out woman, 2 being the people that were hit by the driver at fault)

- found out someone very close to me is leaving for a very long time after they assured me that they wouldnt be leaving for awhile

- got stood up by one person, and basically stood up by another

and just when i start thinking things can't get any worse they do.....

so im just waiting for the next thing to happen.

so far someone told me they would call and they havent.

i keep racking them up....

please someone else tell me thier misfortunes so i can feel better =P

ha! so negative i am sorry.
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i know i am going to feel like a real ass when some people start posting their misfortunes.

its just, that....when your in what your in....it seems pretty bad.


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my list would span several pages... those who really know me only have a slight idea of what hovers above my shoulders on a daily basis....

over the years i've kind of learnt to deal with it without it gettin me too down.. but your stuff is very 'right in front of you' kinda stuff :( sorry to hear your havin such a bad week girly :(




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yeh its not anythign big and really bad, its just a bunch of little things all at once.

the thing about the person leaving for good though, thats not a little thing, theres alot of stuff that goes along with that, that makes it more difficult right now also.
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Originally posted by redhat30
with bad things... good things always follow! And everything happens for a reason;)

i hope so.

the funny thing is that the thing i want most right now, which is a simple and trivial thing, i cant get.


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another point to add to my list of bad things is.

- ive been patiently waiting for a fone call as i REALLY needed to get out of the house tonight and was waiting on someones fone call to see what was happening. they didnt fone me. they said theyd fone a little later at 6, its now 11. and i know they are already out and wont be foning. i was counting on that call. i guess i cant count on anything anymore. only myself.
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i am sorry to hear this, amber.
but please know that you aint alone!!

my list:lol as simple FACTS:

-i moved to Japan for this company that gave me a position being told that i was the 5th employee.

-i went to the office and realized that all the employees were quiting that i was the only employee.

-i became responsible for EVERYTHING for the company (www.bookings.co.jp) to run.

-i worked average of 75 hours a week without overpay system.

- now that i do not even get to exercise everyday anymore:FUCK.

-i do not even have time to go out :/

-last thursday, i found out that the company does not have a license to do what we do (all the employees quit cause the law in Japan has changed for e-commerce business that we still need a license..and the boss decided not to get one since he is a very irresponsible and superficial person that he could not have a break from running a company and illegally run it to keep the relationship with customers and clients).

-i told my boss that i am not fucking working there anymore more so now that i know that my work= literally illegal and i do not morally agree with the mental crappy self of my boss.

-i also found out that my boss owes some money from the company that allows him to use the space on the floor that if i decided to compleletely quit NOW, the company will go backrupt,
and they will not get the money back, so they are begging me to stay until they find someone for my helpless and irresponsible boss.

-i hate my 10 hours of my day at work..i have no idea why i am even doing this...

it sucks when you know that you know what you want, and wht you do is just totally wrong, but you are forced to do what you do..


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i am crossing my fingers to hear a good news from my friend who gave me a proposal to work with him..
but since he is not the boss of the company, i must get okay from his boss for me to work with him as his boss will pay me monthly salary..

if i get okay, i will get to work with duft punk and jeff mills.

please wish me good luck.. :(


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ya that is perdy shitty kumi


i feel for you. its obvious that until you get away from that place its going to be your life....and not a very fun one at that.