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Super Shuffle... It's like an i Pod Shuffle?


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Well... So much for innovation :p

This Shuffle doesn't fall far from Apple tree

It looks like an iPod Shuffle, and it acts like an iPod Shuffle, but don't expect to find it in an Apple Computer store any time soon.

That's because it's the Super Shuffle, an iPod Shuffle knockoff that reportedly ruffled Apple feathers at the CeBit tech show in Hannover, Germany, last week.

Made by Taiwanese manufacturer LuxPro, the Super Shuffle is a near dead ringer for the iPod Shuffle, down to the player interface, white casing and white headphones. It is, however, slightly thicker than the original and adds an FM radio tuner and voice-recording capabilities. It's available in 512MB and 1GB versions.

According to the Web site Engadget, Apple quickly noticed the products' similarities, convincing LuxPro to remove all Super Shuffles from its CeBit booth (which also sported Super Shuffle promo posters with a distinctly Apple advertising feel) late last week.

The Taiwanese company, however, trotted the product back out for weekend CeBit visitors. Apple, according to Engadget, says it's weighing its legal options. The company has not returned a call from CNET News.com for comment.

In the past, Apple has been known to sue rivals that offer products it deems copycats of its own creations. The company, for example, sued eMachines, FuturePower and other PC manufacturers that attempted to imitate the original Bondi Blue iMac.

Not that we're predicting a lawsuit or anything.

Posted by LeslieÂ_Katz
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