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Super mario 3 polished off in 11 minutes!!!

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i saw this as well in another board.

still funny though.

there is another clip that has kids playing starcraft at a korean/japanese..not sure which.. tournament.
with -a soccer style- commentating on top of it.

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^^^not everyone reads tribe every day or week for that matter so im glad this was posted.....

ps - that was fuckikng impressive! brings back lots of memories to :)
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I can't believe I just watched that whole thing.... LMFAO!

Actually wait..... yea I can... I find amusement in the weirdest places. Like once, I just stood there with a video camera and recorded a bag being swept away by the wind.... :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by SneakyPete
Getting those 1ups jumping on the canon balls was quite impressive.


Props for those moves. If it wernt for the airship levels the game woulda been beaten in like 3 mins.


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I can finish the first one in just over 8 minutes.

But, for some reason I don't think I ever finished the third one.


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Originally posted by DJ CLUSTER
What a loser though, his 3rd card ended up only a Mushroom.... pfffft. all I gotta say is "NOOB!!!"

But if your playing for speed...that's way better because getting the 3rd star would cause the fireworks to go off which would add about an extra 30 seconds to your time.

[/geek rant]
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this link is giving me a 404 file not found error... is anyone else exp this... what can i do to see this clip?

Marcin M :)