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sunrise with steve lawler saturday skybar

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Special K

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SneakyPete said:
Too bad Sasha's booked for that night

f that. the place would be a total shitshow if he was billed to play as well ... im thinking it would be too rammed and full of n00bs ...

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Special K

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yea its on the 10th

dunno wtf happened to the thread title ... thought i put it in there!

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Special K

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motherfucker. looks like hes not on skybar anymore.

lawler in guv = teh suck


rave jedi

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groovespinna said:
he'll be on skybar. he always does the afterparty with joe and fab.

You were right all along!:)

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Was a blast last year, and lookin' forward to it even more this time around...now let's just hope the event lives up to it's name, and we ACTUALLY have some sun this year...

Special K

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Harlem Records
Saturday June 10, 2006
Guvernment set + Special Sunrise set on Skybar!
Guvernment 1am to 5am
Skybar Special Sunrise set in the am

see this is why i like steve so much! not only does he play kickass fucking music but he always seems to do that little extra for us when he rolls thru Toronto unlike most other superstar djs that just fuck off after a couple of hours of their set! if hes not rocking out a 5/6/7 hour set @ system, then hes playing special afterparties until some crazy hour in the morning or playing until the cops kick him off the decks!

respect to him.

viva house. viva lawler. viva getting twisted under the warm bright summer sunshine while listening to some of the hottest tunes on the planet!




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I said this in another thread that Im sure was this one, but whatever. the afterparty isn't supposed to be on Skybar anymore. if it is, dont expect it to go very late/early/whatever.
M&S are supposed to be spinning in The Drink all summer and the music is to be pumped up to Skybar.
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