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Suneel: Optimal Diversification(free promo cd)


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Picked this up from the forums at http://www.funkyhousemusic.com . I can't stop listening this. It's by a dj named Suneel. Very funky, bumpin, soulfull mix. Check it.

Track Listing:

0) Wilson Santos & Steve Mestre - Judgements (Acappella) - Fluential
1) Lenny Fontana pres. Octah'via - The Way (Mucho Beats) - Defected
2) Olav Basoski - Moscow (Brian Tappert Miami Edit) - Fluential
3) Mambana - Felicidad (JJK Eversoul Remix) - Soulfuric Trax
4) Hardsoul - Back Together (Hott 22 Remix) - Soulfuric
5) Hott 22 - Before I Let You In (Original Mix) - Gossip
6) DJ Disciple - Yes (Ian Carey Remix) - Catch 22
7) Rasmus Faber Feat. Melo - Get Over Here (Remix) - FarPlane
8) Seawind Project - Free Part 2 (Knee Deep Peak Time Mix) - Knee Deep USA
9) Rasmus Faber Feat. Emily McEwan - Ever After (RF Main Mix) - FarPlane
10) Rasmus Faber Feat. Melo - Come With Me (Original Mix) - FarPlane
11) Soul Central - Need You Now (Sergio Flores Remix) - Defected
12) Groove Junkies Feat. Solara - Just Groovin' (Main Room Madness Mix) - OM
13) Bongoloverz Presents An-Tonic - Power Of Music (Original Mix) - Soulfuric Trax

Btw, you can also get a free cd mailed to you. I'm not sure if he's sending them to Canada, but it doesn't hurt to try. Click here: http://www.funkyhousemusic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=312 for instructions on how to obtain a free cd.
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MP3 Download Link: http://www.electrolife.com/audio

CD Request By Mail: suneel@funkyhousemusic.com