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Sundayz Radio Stream 13th Jan 2002


TRIBE Promoter
Hello peeps!

Just a reminder that sundayz Radio will be broadcast Live from 2pm - 4pm pcf from www.trickler.com !

Simply go to the website and follow the instructions at showtime - we will also be discussing the Music and general chit chat @ #trickler on efnet Irc and [ we hope ] through www.nubreaks.com chatroom .

This week I will be presenting the show live from Equadore in a Flannel Pair of shorts. A tasty selection of some chunks sent over from our boys at Fuel Records, Techno 2 Ninja Tunes - Breakbeats 2 playing spoons

You never quite know!

*you will need Realplayer*
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room