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Sundayz radio 31/03/2002

Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by kyomi, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. kyomi

    kyomi TRIBE Promoter

    Just in time for Everyone returning from a hard day of Egg Collecting, This Sunday - Sundayz Radio Comes to you LIVE From Easter Island!

    Beamed Directly into your Real Player from 5pm EST / 2pm PSF / 10pm GMT Your Hosts Kyomi & Ty, while being dressed as Easter Bunnies, broadcast their Second East Coast Edition which promises to be Choc'd Full of Quality Treats.

    Your Favorite Sunday BroadCast has been fully customized to meet all your individual needs and now features Go Faster Stripes and Fluffy Dice!

    A 2 Hour Show of Breaks / House / Techno / Dill Pickle / Spoken Word / Eggs (funnily enough) / More Breaks

    So tune into www.trickler.com/webradio.ram
    Interactive Radio Forum @ Nubreaks Chat & #trickler MIRC



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