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Sunday SUNNY Sunday


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Morning Tribe Peeps .

Been awake since 5:30 no thanks to Solar and his need to be up with the birds.

Looks like it will be another SUNNY SUNDAY



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Alright, I deleted mine...

It's the last day of a four-day weekend over here...

We've been waiting for a rain-free day, and it looks like we finally have one. We're heading to Germany in a few minutes - Nürburgring! (Don't tell Wouter, but I burned some Kraftwerk to CD so that I can put on Autobahn at just the right moment).

Have a good Sunday, everyone!


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Well, that was the most disturbing wake up I've ever had.

I so want to go back to sleep and it's not going to happen.
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i just got back from the ER where i got 4 stitches in my lip because my drunk friend is an idiot!!!! awsome!!! i love swolen, bloody lips!!!


Temper Tantrum

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oh no :( sorry to hear that rudebwoy!

my sunday is almost over, its 6 pm here. weeee! I was supposed to be white water rafting today but as i crashed my motorbike i kinda had to deal with that instead. I went stir crazy with nothing to do afterwards and bought a ton of books! I am going rafting tomorrow instead and i will do some night bazaar shopping tonight :) (also ive spent a ton of time online today)

Old Yeller

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just chowing down on some oatmeal, and then it's off to the start finish line of today's bike race.

wish me luck! :)


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up late yet once again unable to sleep in.

anyone else find tribe is barely working this morning?
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Prickly Pete

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Wiseman said:
anyone else find tribe is barely working this morning?

i slept so much my back hurts from lying in bed... got a bad sunburn yesterday (wear sunblock you loser)... and my body just quit on me... and now I have to go sit in the sun again today (jays game)... eeeep


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stargurl* said:
Soooooon we'll be here!

Such a pretty area, and fast driving, too!

Enjoy the Tigra and drive it like you stole it :cool:

Just watched the Monaco Grand Prix, time for a coffee run.

The rest of the morning will be spent tinkering with my car, then lounging in the sun in the afternoon.


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Darren, we got a name for guys like you where I come from

We call 'em Nancies.

You're not some kind of Nancy boy, are you Margaret?

PS- dude, haven't seen you in ages....beers on the terrace are in order this week sometime...playing basketball on wednesday too if you want to join
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I can't wait for today to unfold - anniversary dinner, with a yummy white chocolate cake and champagne and just some awesome quality time.
Happy Sunday!

soulbrother 10

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Finally a beeuutiful sunday morning! Up at 5:30 - my bike hit the road at about 6:40. Weather misty and cool. Rode south to High Park, thru the park down to Lakeshore. Then east on Lakeshore heading downtown, thru downtown and out to Cherry Beach.

I counted at least 20 vehicles parked at the beach, looked like some serious after-partying going on. But I didn't stop and kept on riding right to the end of the boardwalk. Then I rode north up the hill to Gerard, and west on Gerard heading toward downtown, riding thru 2 cemetaries on my way back home. Great start to the day.
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I have to work on such a beautiful day from noon til 8pm.:(

I am just having some breakfast, soy chocolate milk, coffee and vitamins..then shower time..and time to go..boo.

Joe Seven

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I'd like to do something fun outside today... anything interesting going on in the city today?

I'm thinking a walk through the distillery might be nice today.
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