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Sunday Session Deep house, Tech n acid


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Sunday Schizznit

the dull bit - For the unitiated, because my server will not let me put mp3's up, i have to rename them as .zip files. Simply rename it to .mp3 once downloaded.


System 7 - Altitude - Ten
Maus and Stolle - Extra Virgine - Klang
Dj Buck - Lovin Haight - Tweekin
Jordan Fields - Dubrazil - House is a Feeling
Landlord - I Like It - Bigshot
Goldfrapp - Fly me Away (carl craig mix)
4am -Kingston (2 lone swordsman) - Glasgow Underground
Kiowa - Chicago vs Detroit - Injun Ears
Instant House - Awade - Jungle Sounds
Sensorama - Welcome Insel - Ladomat
Scott Ferguson - Dump Days - Ferrispark
Black Dog Productions - Black Dog Productions Ep - Rising High
Alex Kid - Don't hide it - F comm
Attaboy - Kookaburra - Toko
Truth - Open Your eyes - Big Beat
MD Emm - Get Acidic - Transmat
Swayzak - 002
Maus and stolle - Sparks - klang
Damian Donato - Science Funktion - Juice
Octave one - I believe (shake remix) - Ten
Nightcommunication - Night Clark - Heartbeat
Body Base 1
Gak - Gak 4 - Warp
DHS - #9 Bad Acid - Hangman
Phuture - Rise from your Grave - Strictly Rhythm
Emojonal Ep - Container Records

About 112 MB

2 decks , 1 mixer as per.


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I split up with my g/f, she took the decks and all her other stuff, so i havent had any 12's since march..

got me some now.,..

Expoect lots of music coming your way....

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placid: you live in the NRK city :D
also, whenever i think of bristol, i think of massive attack/'mezzanine'.
comiserations on the split.

0:50:45--> holy fuckin' amazing musical high point.
1:00:18 truly a deep track. feeling that one, totally. so good.


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yeah..I know Nick from NRK...

It is inded massive attack and Portishead area.....
Glad you like the mix