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sunday hangover thread


TRIBE Member
owww.....my head....

what the fuck time is it anyways? 6pm?!

i spent the early morning watching the sun rise in the cold, cold rain........from inside a hot tub with a big fat spliff in one hand and a cold Keith's in the other.

holy fuck am i ever paying for it now, though...

i didnt even get to sleep till 10am.


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Last night, I drank the most alcomohol I have ever drank in my life. It was crazy. I was kneeling for an hour in the bathroom after I got home. But to my surprise I am not hung over much at all.


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yup got really drunk last night also...drank all day while I was moving...and im still moving today :(

im hurtin...


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I am just allowing my Friday morning hangover to take it's course now. I was postponing it all weekend.




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Ha! I did the SMRT thing after not really falling "asleep" (if it could even be called sleep, "sketleepch" is closer) til 9 or 10 am.. woke up around 1 or 2pm, and laid around in bed all day, with a lovely young lady.

THAT'S the best way to spend a rainy sketched out day. Weed, sex, jokes, movies, Tribe, delivery food, ice cream, music.. NO PANTS! NO PANTS! NO PANTS!


..well, pajama pants.
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