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Sunday Evenings = techno for the MASSES.


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correct. Technificent Radio , our second installment of techno Sunday's will be taking place for now on in the djshow studio. You now have the option of "video" and "audio" for some techno proper. Tune in this week , ( 5pm - 8pm ) and it doesn't stop there.....

Equinox --> 8pm - 10pm w/ your host Gerald aka Matrix

Subtransit Sessions --> 10 pm - 12am w/ Engine and Dj Lou...

www.djshows.com is your sunday church fill of TECHNO baby !! :)

416-934-0111 --> support line,request line, harrass line..... :D

starting out the sunday fest Technificent is bringing in a guest dj and *very* good friend and supporter of the techno scene..

Jay Marshall aka Stalker 5pm-6pm

tEkKiD 6pm - 7pm

Curt Martin 7pm - 8pm

and 8pm the Matrix resumes control of the wheeeeeeeelz of steel!!

thanks for the continued support, tracklisting will be posted Monday :)




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Re: Re: Sunday Evenings = techno for the MASSES.

Originally posted by tekno princess

now there's a religious experience i can dig!!

....and i'll be seeing you today in tha studio correct? ;)



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tracklisting... (thank you for doing mine up Jenn) :)

hour ONE ---- Jay Marshall aka tha STALKER

Jeff Mills - axis 09 b1 - Axis
Jeff Mills - extremist - Tresor
Jeff Mills - axis 09 a2 - Axis
Cosmic Spore - kombustion - Kombustion
Michael Burkat - tribal tool - Shallmauer
Tony Thomas - nope - RedFrame
Jeff Mills - Katrace - Purposemaker
Regis - imnatural selection - Downwards
Heckman and Ramboy - ultravixens - Undercurrent
Ellrich and Possgay - nope - Luxus ( jay's chicken stratch) :)
Andreas Kremer - canceler - Contrast
Fenton adn Winish - nope - Advanced
Fumiya Tanaka - drive ep - Tresor
James Ruskin - correction center - Blueprint
Ronin - solo image - Kaz
Jamie Bissimire - ? - Ground
Indigo Kennedy - the guantlet - Missile
Joel Mull - groove pressure - Zync

hour TWO --- tEkKiD

Ben Sims - Killabite 2
Samual L Sessions - funk de luxe - Rotation
Adam Beyer and Lenx - drumcode no 1 rmx - Primate
Mhonolink - promo - Fiebar
Henrik B - recollections - DrumCode
Marco Carola & Gaetano Parisio - coincidence - Conform
Cari Lekebusch - exotic EP - Hproductions
Christian Varela - FUCK ME - Pornographic
Ben Sims - sessions track - Cycle 010
Danilo Vigorito - workin progress ep - Primate
Marco Carola - live act - onethousand
Marco Carola - track03 - Zenit
Dj Godfather - BOOGIE down DETROIT
Dj Godfather - hit it quick - Databass
Dj Deeon - headhunters - Databass
Dj Godfather - bitch i dont know - Databass
Shari Vari - Shari Vari
Robert Hood - floorplan - Duet
Joey Beltram - start it ^UP^

hour THREE --- Curt muthafuckin' to the m Martin

Steve Bug - a night like this - PokerFlat
Basic Channel - plymps trak
G-Man - el jam - IZZO
C.Morgernstern - spielkerker - Forte
Heiko Laux - ornaments - Kanzleramt
Maurizio - Domina
Regis - gymnastics - Downwards
Modernist - architainment - Popular Tools
Kirk Degiorgio - nairobi - Regal
Rino Cerrone - Rilis
Robert Hood - the pace - Mplant
C.Bloch - groundbreaking ep - Restructured
Christian Boree - anastacias teeth - Kanzleramt
Kenny Glasgow - aleph
S. Walker - reformation - Tresor
Greg Gow - promo - Restructured
Heiko Laux - liquidism - Kanzleramt
Useless - pretty smile - Horspause

peace OUT



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Originally posted by tEkKiD
G-Man - el jam - IZZO

I don't mean to nitpick but if people are looking for this record they'll have a hard time finding it on IZZO which doesn't exist.

i220 is the actual name of the label, Corrado Izzo is the name of the guy who owns the label. I soo wish my sound card was win2000 compatible so I could listen to these broadcasts.:mad:

Subscribe to Cannabis Goldsmith, wherever you get your podcasts


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Equinox playlist 4-28-02

I guess i'll add mine to the list.

Here's the playlist from the 2nd show on your Sunday Nite Techno Experience on http://www.DJShows.com
Sunday nites 8-10pm EST.



Artist - Title (Label)

Akufen - Deck The House (Force Inc.)
J Antoni - Bucktown [Deep Edit] (Morris/Audio)
Kirk Degiorgio pres. As One - Another Revolution [Stacey Pullen mix] (Ubiquity)
John Dahlback - Confused Love (Deep4Life)
Alexander East - Come Back 2 Me (Aroma)
Morgan Geist - 24K (Environ)
Los Hermanos - Birth Of 3000 (UR)
Brooks - Dripping In Gold (Mantis)
My Robot Friend - Understand Your Man [Steril rmx] (Dekathlon)
Kraftwerk - Tour De France (EMI)
Sem - Electron EP (Electron Industries)
A Number Of Names - Shari Vari [Adult - Fembot mix] (Puzzlebox)
Draastic - Machine's Awakening (Salo)
Gary Numan - The Iceman Comes [Peter Lazonby mix] (Beggars Banquet)
Smith N Hack - No Gimmick's, No Flash (Tribute)
The Caustic Window - Joyrex J9 EP (Rephlex)
Robert Hood - Internal Empire (M-Plant)
Underground Resistance - Inspiration (UR)
Gary Martin - Pimping People In High Places [Gigi Galaxy mix] (Teknotika)
Static Drum - External [Technasia rmx] (Logistic)
Archetype - Theory Of Forms EP (Black Nation)
Advent - In Search (Kombination Research)
Devilifish - Man Alive [Past] (Bush)
Jeff Cochran & Adam Winick - The Kom Jug EP (Format)
The Purpose Maker - In The Bush (Axis)
Exos - Inhale (Force Inc.)
Drexciya - Fusion Flats EP (Tresor)
Claude Young - Malfunkshun (Djax)
Soundhack - Soundhack 2 (Hardwax)
Technasia - Cyclone [Tempest] (Sino)


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good show Gerald... :) (thanks for the pint, i owe yah next week bro)

todd: thanks for the info...i have it aswell on i22o .... i simply just typed out what Curt wrote down ;)

didn't they repress this double ?


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It got the repress again sometime either late last year or early this one, I can't quite remember. It never sticks around long though...


Adam Duke

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this thread causes me too much pain.

i want to catch both your shows but my motherboard is blown and I have $500 worth of fix up to do on my computer!


@m. <--- denied!