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Kevan Duke

TRIBE Member
Many of you already know about this... but I'm outta here! In 2 weeks time, I'm jetting to Costa Rica for 2 months of nothing but surfing.... :D

Anybody been there? Any "Must See This"s or "Must Do This"s? (oh, and please do include the "Probably Shouldn't Do This, But Gawd-DAMN It's Fun"s) I do have a strict budget, and not-so-strict moral fiber... muhahahahaha....

Also if anyone is heading up to Ottawa sometime in the next week, and wouldn't mind accommodating this hoodlum in exchange for gas munny, that would be cool...



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Not so strict moral fiber...hahahahaha...you rock KF! Good to see you last night. ;)

ps. Those glasses look great on you!:cool:



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Me and my girlfriend are thinking about headed out there at the end of feb- or maybe. That or Brazil :)

Maybe Ill see ya out there kef.