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Sun Spots

the Doctor

TRIBE Member
Just in the last 2 years, I've noticed that my forehead has become literally covered with sun spots. It looks like I have a massive freckle which covers most of my forehead and which gets more distinct the more sun exposure I get.

Admittedly, I have not been very smart about the sun ... I've tanned for 2 years intermittently, and every summer I spend as much time as possible outdoors with minimal sunscreen. Fuck at 28, I'm suprised sun spots is all I have.

Anyways, the more important question is WHAT the hell I can do about them? i'm guessing I can have them lasered but what is that going to do to my skin? Am I going to have to stay out of the sun forever? I doubt I could handle that as outdoor, long distance running is my sport of choice and so I get quite a bit of incidental exposure.
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I have quite a bit too...

My mom is covered, they dont really bug me. I think they add a bit of character, just like my freckles.

I think their are some special moisturizers out there meant to even out skin tone that may work...