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Summerlove 10 year Aniv. Van. BC


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Summerlove is the biggest party of the year in BC and it proved to be
worthwhile. I had just moved to BC for university and this was my
first BC party. I went to this party alone since my family of party
frineds are still all in Ontario.
The line up for this party was amazing and everyone showed up which is looks very good on the promoter, G house productions.
> The line was John Kelly, James lumb of electric sky church, Kimball
> Collins, Jon Bishop, Mark Sinclair and locals for the Hard house/
> Trance stage. The hip hop stage had Craze, A track (who spun 2 sets) Z
> trip, Vinroc, Kemo, + a few locals , also live performances by Royce
> da 5'9", Swollen members and Checkmate w/ concise.
> The house sset line up was David Hollands, Nigel haynes, Mark Lewis,
> Alexey Ageyev plus a few locals.
> Finally the best stage of the night. The Breaks/ Jungle stage had DJ
> ICEY!!!!, AK1200, Bexta, DJ X (from florida) not willar, Lace plus
> locals.
> I arrived after finding a sketchy 1 way ride from vancouver at 5 pm
> and was in by 6 the line up, and security were very efficient and
> friendly.
> To most Toronto adn ONtario party goesr this would just be a normal
> weekend party like any lifeforce or destiny party. but out here in BC
> people were tenting out and had full tent cities going which was a ver
> y different experience. also going alne I was in a situation where i
> was looking to meet alot of new people, that I did, there was a crew
> of people form Edmonton that were just amazing people to party w/
> steve sarah and otehrs you guys rock!. Everyone at this party was very
> mellow and down to earth and it made for an amazing vibe the entire
> night.
> On to the music. the set of the night had to go to DJ ICEY!!!! this
> guy had everybody dancing and just enjoying his talent, he put
> together an amazing mix of all styles of breaks and made for an
> amazing experience for anyone who witnesses it,
> Worst set of the night was AK1200! His talent was solid and mixing
> good but his trackselection was just WRONG! for the happy vibe of
> this party and mass amounts of glowsticks present his very dark, tech
> steppy set just didnt fit the crowd . Another factor was that he was
> on rihgt afer ICEY which had set a very hard level of excellence to
> measure up to. Too bad though
> John Kelly was on very late for one of the biggest headliners there
> and he spun a fairly boring set that was alot more down tempo and
> loungeish then I was expecting.
> On to hip hop. Swollen Members Kicked Ass! they had so much energy in
> them and played the crowd perfectly. if they are ever on a line up for
> a TO. party go and see what this duo had to offer! A-trak spun a
> decent set alot less technical then I was expecting though.
> Over all this party diserves a 9/10 since the tickets were really
> expensive and there was no running water on site! but it was in the
> middle of nowhere with the most amazing outdoor setting I've ever
> scene which made up for any down falls
> big ups to everyone I met. Vic. Crew Trix, Rhia, etc, E- town massive
> Button buddies represent.
> and the 2 girls from Sask. you were fun to meet and party w/
> thats all form BC for now.
> peace
> Mike
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