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Summer sounds...

Stop Bill C-10


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Originally posted by Libradragon
MAW - To Be In Love

mm yes!

i could survive all summer with that song as well as "To Be In Love"

dont normalyy like la India, but she complements those tracks soo well :)



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pretty much anything by Janes Addiction
Swingtown-Steve Miller Band
all of Blood Sugar Sex Magic by the RHCP
Today-Smashing Pumpkins
What I Got-Sublime
The Whole World-Outkast
Ghetto Superstar-Mya (this song reminds me of bush parties in Hampton) :)
Watch out Now-Beatnuts
Drinking in LA-Bran Van 3000


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Originally posted by Stormshadow

thanks for the track id dave. i was looking for that track since i heard it on a dj patife set. :)

btw wikkid thread please keep it going.


declaime - exclaime the name
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Blackhole Sun by Soundgarden and Today by smashing Pumpkins really remind me of summer.... they make me all nostalgic and feel all warm and fuzzy inside..

ahhhhhhh summer. how I love thee....:D


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How the fuck could you guys and gals forget...

Bob Marley
big ups to the reggah sound of summer. (prog head 4 life) pff
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i lost my 40oz to freedom tape :(

and even tho they are 'lame' to the 'real punk rock dudes' 311 and goldfinger are fun summer shazz as well


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Originally posted by JayIsBored
have you ever made out in dark halwaaaays, displayed a kiss that made day..pick a track from your record collection..its your mix, congratulations! scheming on a thing ?sumsum?:confused: something something down down..blah.
not bad seening i havent listened to that CD since grd. 11 :D


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the doughboys - "crush" can pop-punk at its finest
jane's addiction - "nothing's shocking" esp. 'summertime rolls', for reasons that should be obvious
trevor walker - "underground kroniklz #56 - tell em..." deep house that is never far from the tape deck, but especially in the summer
the jimi hendrix experience - "electric ladyland" stoned in the sun with jimi, what more could you ask for?
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Originally posted by JayIsBored

hah forgot about them..remember the geeetar solo in neighbourhood villain? sweetness!

as soon as it got warm, that album came out to stay (when i was in college). it's fantastic.

"it's like i shine"


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wasn't it part of a whole collage of songs? i haven't watched the wedge in ages... is sook yin still around there?

thought of a couple more tapes:

silo and butter - "promo 1" 2000 styles dnb with subtle scratching overtop -- suitable for eerie night drives
graham j = "corporate takeover" uplifting acid techno/trance for daytime cruising


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Originally posted by Tearer
DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - Summertime

I love that song - I got the single back in like grade six when it came out, still have it and listen to it.

Seeing as how music is highly weather dependent for me, this thread is great!

As Rosey mentioned Sublime gets a high rotation.

As does Beck - Odelay, the Smiths greatest hits, CCR greatest hits.

Thats just what I listened to today - theres tons more for me.
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Almost forgot to shamelessly plug my wife’s Tunes….

"All this distant houses"

from her EP “Mellow Meadow Moments”. …Anyone know how to post MP3’s for others to hear?


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Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon, Slick Rick & Rza - The Sun

"oh my my my"
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