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summer cottage update


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ok...I have potential reservation set for the weekend of July 5th to 6th.

I just want to know how many people are SERIOUS about attending, and then we can move forward. The price is a little higher than I expected, but in my opinion, well worth the price. I'll just copy and paste the email here. If you're serious about going, then respond to this thread.

Feel free to check out the webpage too, it'll give you a good idea of what it looks like

Hi, I just returned from Europe and wanted to contact you with the
1. We manage all of you in July for the nights of the 5th and 6th, providing
you are ok with the following:
- As per our previous e-mail the rate is $60.00/person per night so the
cost will be $120.00/person plus tax for accommodation, based upon a total
occupancy of 30 persons . All based on you bringing your own bedding.
- 4 of the cottages (16 people) are brand new with no cooking
facilities and are designed for American plan guests only. These are very
nice cottages with good furniture, screened porches, inside living areas,
toilets and showers.
- 2 cottages (14 people) will be rustic and will have cooking/fridge
facilities no toilets or showers (centrally located showers and toilets are
- We would need to know the number of boat rentals and how many people
will be requiring meals.
Let us know if you are interested and we can work out the rest of the
details. I am at 905-880-0472 until Monday so perhaps we could discuss this
over the telephone.
Alex Strachan
The Lodge at Pine Cove
French River Outfitters
Tel:705-898-2500 Summer
905-880-0472 Winter

jus me

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Wow...You found a really nice place Will! :eek:

If only it'd cost less I'd TOTALLY GO! Any way you could lessen the cost? Squeezing in more people or sumthin? Or maybe settle for a cottage that is a bit less nice?


too expensive for me.

I suggest someone calls them and haggles a bit. It always works... there's no such think as a fixed price. Hell I've even walked into hotels talked some shit and got rooms for half price.