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SUM beastie 41 boys


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ok, since i have been all crippled i have been chillin on the puter watching much and eatin percosets.
now, it might just be me, but it seems that SUM 41 (i think thats who they are) are totally tiffing beasties style in this spiderman song thing.
check it and let me know...
...this thread will self destruct


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Originally posted by The Electrician
Probably b/c most of breakers like da beasties...... or you should anyways...

I dun think your very normal if ya dont!!!

Well yeah.....I like da Beasties.

But Sum 41 is a rock band innit?
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The Electrician

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Yes they are... I asked to be their bass player before they got huge... they were looking for one... and well I play fat fuckin bass... but I didnt really know who they were.... I could have BEEN a fuckin MILLIONAIR and have a guess spot on MTV's CRIBS

HAHA then all my friends would have made fun of me.... but then call to hang out at my new house in Rosedale and play pinball and Pool and my new Aquarium Pool table....

Wow... to be rich!!

but I aint... So burting bubble now...


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i used to be in skid row....sebastian bach and i used to make groupies sort out our MandMs for us........those were the days