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Suggestion for new motherboard & AMD/INTEL?


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Hey hey,

Shopping for a new board & cpu...

I've been kind of out of things for a bit so I'm looking for a lil advice on a couple things..

First off.... Suggestions on AMD Athlon XP or Intel P4?... I'm kind of swayin towards a Athlon XP 1700 or 1800... however would I be better off with the P4?.. 266mhz fsb vs. 400mhz.. i'm surprised that there isn't more difference on all the tests i've seen...

Also -- as for a motherboard.. again..suggestions? has anyone found one with 4 dimm slots instead of just 3.. i hate the 3 slot-limitation that seems to be standard.




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sorry actually i'm running the A7V266
same shit with extra controllers...

but i'm happy with the AMD choice..


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Hey hey... so $700 later I have my upgrade...

ended up getting:

Amd Athlon XP 1800+
MSI K7T266
and 256MB DDR Ram..

I fucked up and didn't buy ram originally cause i have like 512mb in my current machine.. but me being a dork i forgot about DDR.. hence my ram no worky:) so i ran out and bought some..

The MSI motherboard has yet to impress me..its had a lot of quirks during my windows install ( i did a fresh 2000 pro install on a different drive last night ... new mb.. new install... and plus i couldn't find that XP cd i've been saving for when i upgraded)

I'll check tonight to see if theres a bios update for this board..there has to be.... its just really sensitive... but does have some nice features and it rates basically right in the middle of all the tests on toms hardware.

anyways... the battle continues tonight when i get home.. i have the feeling i won't be goin out for awhile:)


Dave <-- should have goten the ASUS A7 A266 Alimagic (DDR & SDRAM Support)

P.S. Anyone want to buy some SDRAM?:)
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