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Subtransit Sessions -wednesday april 10th- 8-10pm


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Subtransit Sessions - live on djshowsdotcom (click here to listen) 8-10pm

Tonight is the first ever residents night of the Subtransit Sessions. Engine and DJLou will spin completely in their own element! If you haven't heard either of these DJ's play before- this will be the perfect show to tune in while you let your speakers blaze the beats live to air.

We have 3 tickets to the upcoming THOMAS KROME event to give away- so listen in and have a phone handy- or be ready to head down to the studio to win a ticket (first person to get to the djshows.com studios will get guest listed for this event!)! The studio is located at 608 young street- suit 303.



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The show has a web cam too- and in the spirit of having Thomas Krome - the Dukes- Tekkid AND Curt Martin all on one bill-
we might have to make you do something on the cam for the tickets.