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subtransit sessions | 8-10pm | djshowsdotcom


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Every wednesday night from 8-10pm on DJSHOWS.COM subtransit gives you 120 minutes of flowing groove. Tonight we welcome in one of the front men for 2A's front men Techmission (aka James Rowland) ! This man has played at Subtransit 2 and the 'epic' Subtransit 3 (su3transit) event and each time he has been more than sucsessfull in bringing down the house with his blend of funk house and added techno punch. Along with Bryce Walker (aka DJ Excel) he was awarded 'set of the night' at Subtransit 2. Tune in from 8-10 to hear Techmission and residents Engine and DJLou work things out in a true subtransit session!

*note from managment: The time slots have been jumping around alot lately- but the Subtransit Radio Sessions time slot is offically 8 to 10pm now.
Our resident list was dropped down to just Engine and DJLou. Patrixx now has his OWN show ( THE CHRONIC MUSICIAN) from 6-8 on wednesdays right before the Sub Sessions- with his own show dedicated to all forms of trance music!

(for those of you who like the trancy trance)

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Destro Sanchez

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sorry i didn't get to chat the other day...

got kicked out by the bouncer.... :(

hope you enjoyed the tape. :)

nice flyer for your radioshow btw! as soon as i get a home PC and some streamin audio i will have to catch up on all yer shows (ghunt, technificent, subtransit...) :D



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Yeah I saw that happen too you!
Rolling I presume?

You should have joined me before my ritualistic pre set smoke ;)

Sorry I forgot to give you a CD_ next time. I thought I lost the tape you gave me - but I just found it and will listen to it on the way to the show.

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