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subsonic chronic on mtv live RIGHT NOW


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yes thats right hes in the audience listening to some MMA fighter looking like hes surrounded by dumbass teenagers posing questions to this guy when they dont even know who he is!

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Subsonic Chronic

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ahahahaha... yeah I thought I was just going to *watch*, and didn't know that I'd be put on TV until I was being seated next to all the tweeners who were there for Nick Cannon. Who is Nick Cannon? Apparently I'm the only one who never heard the name before.

But it was good to see my boy Georges St-Pierre!


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He was in Love Don't Cost a Thing... I saw a bit of this before I left for work but did not see the subchron.
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Subsonic Chronic

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There's two rows for the audience behind the hosts/guests, I was in the bottom row all the way on the right, aka the only guy over 17 on that entire panel. :/



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Oh the things we do for you, UFC.

I did enjoy his point on MMA being less dangerous than boxing because the referee is more involved and is a fair bit quicker to stop a fight if one combatant isn't defending himself.


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stupid work i sooo wanted to go to this.

<3 georges, so hot. didja get to meet him?

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