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**Sublet or Lease: 1 room available in a 3bedrm house, Bathurst & Bloor** MAY 1st


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**Sublet or Lease: 1 room available in a 3bedrm house, Bathurst & Bloor**

One room is on the 2nd level along with washroom, kitchen and living room..the other two bedrooms are on the 3rd. the house is located on Bathurst just north of the subway station.
Roommate is needed for May 1st 2006.

Rent is $630, utilities are included, and it's the 2nd and 3rd
levels of a three-storey house. Perfect for a student or a young professional. The house is completely furnished. 3 guys occupy the downstairs apartment - they're in their mid twenties and are very laid back and cool.

-*Cigarette smoking on deck or porch only.
-Laundry is FREE (new washer & dryer are in the kitchen)
-Very close to TTC and all amenities - 24 hour Shoppers and Dominion is only one block away. Beer/Liquor stores just up on Dupont. 24 hour Bathurst street car.
-Digital Cable is about $20/month each ($60.00 split 3 ways).
-Wireless highspeed internet about $10.00/month each (split 6 ways with
tenants downstairs).
-The landlords are extremely friendly and reasonable.
-Male or female welcome - as long as you are clean, responsible, mature and not too loud.
-The kitchen is an eat in kitchen - with all new appliances. All of the bedrooms, kitchen and living room have ceiling fans. Hardwood floors and exposed brick throughout the house. Working fireplace in the living room. The bedrooms are massive.
There is also a good sized deck that is completely surrounded by trees (you honestly dont feel as though you're in the city when sitting out there)
the backyard is great, completely private - and we have are 3 bbqs! (we share with the guys who live below)

email me at lorimcintosh @ hotmail. com or send PM

The only reason im leaving is because im moving to Vancouver - the house is incredible!

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Is everyone moving to Vancouver?

I mean its great out here and there are more jobs than there are people, and the summers are hot now, but I mean really.
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im flattered you consider me everyone ;)

and to just to clarify, i live with with chad and laura - two awesome, clean and laid back individuals.. 3 guys occupy the (seperate) apartment below us.