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Subdivisions 124 feat. Moodymanc


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Welcome to Subdivisions #124 featuring a guest mix from *DJ/Producer from Nuerotraxx, Suara Music, Dessous Records, Lost My Dog Records - Manchester, UK. *Join your host*Merlyn Martin*with new music in hour one from*SIS,*Sam Haas,*Frag Maddin,*La Fleur,*Wouter de Moor,*Val De Mossa & DJ Gotsoul,*Zarko Rebac,*Kenny Keys,*Wankelmut,*Antwon Faulkner,*Deux Tigres, Erkka,*Brynjolfur and many, many more!*


Subdivisions #124 feat. Moodymanc
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Subdivisions #124 Track Listing

Merlyn Martin (Hour One)
Artist, Title, Label

1. SIS - Hang - Lucid Dreaming
2. Sam Haas - Muta - Different Attitudes
3.Frag Maddin - One Hand - Definition Music
4. La Fleur - Arms Around - Watergate Records
5. Wouter de Moor - Why Not? - Get Physical Music
6. Val De Mossa & DJ Gotsoul - Pasadena - Thai Dust
7. Zarko Rebac - Svemir - Family Grooves
8. Kenny Keys - Source - Piston Recordings
9. Wasted So Much Time feat. John La Monica (Extended Vocal Mix)- Poesie Muzik
10. Antwon Faulkner - Something Else - Bulletdodge Records
11. Deux Tigres, Erkka - Sunkissed (Original Mix) - OFF Recordings
12. Brynjolfur - Steezy - HFN

Moodymanc (Hour Two)
Artist, Title, Label

1. Urulu_Sounds like Sumo_(let's play house)
2. Corrado Bucci_Open Your Eyes_(Rebirth)
3. Black L3g0_Wave_(Legendary Sound Research)
4. Dubble D pres. Moodymanc_Mr. Ruff (Kyodai re-mix)_(Local Talk)
5. Cleavage and Lars Vegas_Grace_(Toolroom)
6. Matthias Helibron_5 bags of Herb_(Patta de Perro)
7. Alex Metric_Hope_(OWSLA/big beat)
8. Audiojack_Drop the Dime_(2020Vision)
9. Brett Gould_Addicted_(Glasgow Underground)
10.sis Salam ft. Kreuse & Neuremberg_Nasty Girl (DJ Sneak mix)_(exploited)
11. Dustin Zahn_Calm like a Bomb_(Suara)
12. Stanny Abraham_Feira de Santana_(wazzup?)
13 Dubble D pres Moodymanc_Morning_(local Talk)
14.Ten Walls_Walking with Elephants_(BOSO)

Track of the Week as mentioned and heard at end of hour two of broadcast:
Kasper Bjorke - Sylvia feat. CTM - HFN
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room