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Stussy, Evisu Sweaters for Sales!!


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I am moving back with my family in the West so I need to get rid of a lot of stuffs. I figured that these are probably too nice to donate to the Salvation Army so I should probably test my luck here.

I am selling them at $25 CAD ea. o.b.o

The size are large but I put them in a dryer before so they are now about a midium. And Evisu is a Japanese brand so their sizing is a little smaller too. If you need the measurements, feel free to email me: zatoichi123456@hotmail.com

Similar items are bidding at 5x the price on ebay. Too bad I am leaving in 2 weeks so don't hesitate.

Here are the pictures:





For any questions, please email me at zatoichi123456@hotmail.com

Buy the way, I am also selling a Vestax PDX-2000 turntable with M44-7 cart @300CAD on another thread.


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I guess I should have been more clear on the sizing:

They are men large, I put them in a dryer before, now they are more like men medium.

Red Stussy:
Sleeve: approx. 53cm (measured from armpit to cuff)
Shoulder to Shoulder: 55cm
Collar to bottom: 57cm

Brown Evisu:
Sleeve: approx. 55cm (measured from armpit to cuff)
Shoulder to Shoulder: 48cm
Collar to bottom: 60cm

Black Evisu:
Sleeve: approx 50cm (measured from armpit to cuff)
Shoulder to shoulder: 50cm
Collar to bottom: 57cm
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