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stupid question, re: crw's and audio


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you're a rewritable!

I was under the assumption that audio cds had to be closed and that you couldn't close a cdrw.
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Nope, you're wrong there kevo...

You need to close a CD for it to be playable in a standard CD Deck.

pr0nstar :D


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some cd decks can recognized CDRW

but if they don't explicitly say that, they probably don't, since CDRW is not an audio standard

in conclusion i don't recommend using CDRW for audio unless you know your cd player uses it

and if it does, why didn't you just spend the extra $20 for an mp3 cd player?



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Because i'm a junglist and didn't want to leave my old jungle tape collection in the dust. :)
So i had to buy a tape deck and a cd-changer
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