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Stupid Question #729-B

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i drink it to feel cool.

some people like that refreshing beer taste without any of the annoying side effects of alcohol.


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isn't that what somebody who lives in Buffalo and shops at Tops supermarket does?

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When I was in highschool, someone had a 6 of it.. So I was like "I'll have it!" And it did absolutely nothing.. I thought .5 meant it was 50% booze.

So I asked and someone said "it's ZERO point five, dood."

I quickly traded it for some Moosehead.
Yeesh. What's the point?
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If you're preggers then you drink for two and should be going for an ipa or something with high alcohol content.


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reminds me of this shit kmac and I bought here b/c of the pretty unicorn on the can.
it was like .5 alkeehol with lemonade and beer.

neither one of us bothered to finish it. but at least they were only like 90cents.

le bricoleur

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i used to work for the city of toronto as a wading pool "guard" with this guy from the west indies, and he used to drink a 40oz of non-alcoholic malt liquor with his lunch from time to time.

i don't know what the brand was, i've never seen it since, but it had a rooster on the label.

it was just such an odd sight to see someone watching kids while drinking a fo'dee.

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