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So frustrating ... can anyone help me out here? Trying to make a loop of a synth sound that I 'borrowed' from a song. Bring it in Soundforge and edit, then I loop it in Acid but the damn thing ends up with silences at the beginning and end so it doesn't sound continuous. I edit in SF again cropping out the silence, save it ... then it repopens with NEW silences at beginning and end. Am i missing a setting here?? Where's the freaking 'don't add dead ends' button???

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docta seuss

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in acid, edit the properties of the sample; make sure it's set as a loop as opposed to a one shot. you can also do this in sound forge by using the 'edit acid properties' option.

if you want my humble opinion though, use wavelab or sound forge to change the tempo of the sample. acid fucks up the sound quality when speeding or slowing shit down.