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stupid cubase question

docta seuss

TRIBE Member

i haven't used cubase sx in a while, and it used to work fine, but now every time i hit a key, there's a delay of about a second before the note will be played..

the one like simon paul says it could be my soundcard, but i know plenty of people who have worse soundcards than me, yet don't have any problems.

i have a soundblaster live, which although not a great card, is better than the cards of many my assosciates, none of whom have any difficulties. i'm slighty baffled..
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Mike Richards

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First...there's no such thing as a stupid question. If you knew the answer you wouldn't have asked right?

Yeah I think you'll have to change your audio latency setting probably in windows somewhere but I could be wrong


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devices - device panel - vst multitrack - control panel

that should open your soundcard's control panel where you can adjust your buffer size.


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gettin the latency down on an sblive where you don't hear a delay usually results in crackling.. and popping with the audio... the sblive really chokes at low latencies...

for 175 bux or so, you can get a usb audio interface that works great for laptops or desktops when your on a tight budget...
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Go to: http://www.kxproject.com

They're special drivers for SB cards, and I had the same problem with Cubase until I hooked these up.
The latency is the time between when you play a note (or press a key on a VST) and when it is actually heard. Obviously you want this number as low as it can be (so you don't hear a pause), however without the KX drivers SB Live cards have a hard time dealing with low latency rates.

After you install these follow beakers instructions above to open the KX latency control panel.

Hope this helps!

docta seuss

TRIBE Member
hey, thanks for the help lads.

when i installed the kx drivers, it got rid of the sb live as an option, and i was left with a series of kx drivers and SiS Wave to choose from for my audio device, but none of these would play any sound, so i had to roll back my drivers to the creative ones.

any ideas on what went wrong¿