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Stupid Artists

Subsonic Chronic

TRIBE Member
I'm speechless.

Woman calling herself artist sparks security alert in London

LONDON A woman who says she's an artist sparked a major security alert in London today after leaving packages near roads, shopping malls and subway lines. The woman is now under arrest.

The suspicious packages caused police to seal off major arteries into the city and partially shut down four subway lines during rush hour. Police say the woman left the packages at the sites intentionally, as works of art.

One of the packages was discovered on a street near a subway station that was the scene of an attempted bombing in July.

British media reported that some of the packages had nails sticking out of them.


Also on http://www.canada.com/topics/news/world/story.html?id=8c3778f0-3bba-48eb-9295-cc3efc5e7561&k=19510

Seriously though... this chick must have failed art school or something.
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Dr Funk MD

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If she had have just spray painted something on the side of the subway tunnel she could have been taken seriously.
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TaCk OnE?

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the whole thing makes an interesting statement about society, which in and of itself makes it good art.

although, the reality of it is that if it's more damaging than it is benificial to people, then it's probably not so good after all...

and there are certainly less intrusive ways to say the same thing...and come on, art is also about originality...nothing "terror" related is original at all, even a little, even for a second...so

in the end, happy jail to you, spend the time thinking of more engaging ways to say what you want....loser.
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Vincent Vega said:
Care to tell us what that statement is?

her thesis was to see if fake possible bombs are considered tacky... she was right... now she will surly write an essay on the outcome which'll include the words gyre, juxtapose, and paradigm.

if she makes bail.
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