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Stuff that i am thinking about


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1) why dont you see more Asians persons in construction in canada?

2) why is that so many construction worker are crass and swear alot

3) If the USA has a policy of containing nations who attempt to match US miltary power does this mean we are forever stuck with american political hegemony.

4) why do some guys hate shopping? This i dont understand at all. But my dad hates it for some reason

5) how differnt would the world be if subedai khan did not die and the mongols took europe. would europe of been able to accomplish its military supremecy if they whole place was burned to ground. Perhaps russia would be the place to look for understanding

6) Why do russians drink insane amounts of alcohal.

7) Where would socalism be today if the soviet union did not have the pyscopathic leadership of Stalin?

8) where would socialism be today if the revolution actually occured in a nation with all the economic and social requirments postulated by marx? As opposed to occuring in a arguably feadual society or at the very most transistionary stage of feadualism to capitalism in russia

9) If skin tone is supposed to be indictive of the presence of the sun
IE africa alot of sun = very dark skin
no sun norway = white skin

Then why are north american indians dark? Also what about the inuit who are also very dark and live in a northern climate. If the inut could develop barrel chests to retain more heat , why wouldnt they also lose thier skin tone

10) I wonder why the Ainu a indigenous race of japan are cacausain in appearance? Its wierd seeing an image of the " indians in japan" and they all have white features

11) I wonder how differnt canada would be today if the aboriginals had not been wiped out by disease? Would canada be composed primarly of mixed persons like mexico and the meztizo population. Would there be a fusion of cultures of both european and indigenous attributes like that of mexico as well.

12) I wonder what information we could of extracted from the Mayan libararys had they not been burned by spanish colonialists in attempt to stamp out indigenous culture.

13) I wonder how much more developed canada would be had the british not fought the Russians in the crimean war. Resulting in the russians getting angry and selling Alaska to USA. It could of been ours. Even though that area is very far north in terms of lattitude i think it is alot more habitable with respect to climate then northern ontario or alberta
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i wonder why my neighbours have refused to shovel their driveways and sidewalks. i have done mine twice! they have snowblowers, i have a shovel
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Originally posted by Syntax Error
i wonder what it would be like if soup was spelled supe.


I wonder why I opened this thread despite the combination of its title and author.