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Stuff for sale: Ikea Chair, towel hooks, etc.


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Hi all....I have some random stuff for sale and I'll update this thread bit by bit. Everything is pretty much pick up only, unless noted otherwise. I am pet free and don't smoke and take decent care of stuff...so yeah.

First thing up for sale is a silver IKEA chair. I bought it years ago, but have always had other chairs in my apartment so it's barely used.

Here's a pic of someone else's chair:

Mine pretty much looks like that. It's all your for $5!!!

I'll post other stuff shortly, those pics are at home on my computer.


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I had interest in the chair, but that person didn't get back to me, so it's still available. I'll probably put it on Craigslist in a week or so though, so let me know if you want it. A few more things on the list:

Used VHS - Star Trek Movies 1 to 6, even though the photo shows all 8, it's just the first 6....it's not an actual photo, but they pretty much look like that. $5 for all 6 o.b.o.

Also Hair Care products that I tried once, at most twice, and didn't work with my type of hair. $2 each:

Pantene - curl scrunching spray gel

John Frieda - Frizz Ease dream curls

You can pick up these items near King and Bay during business hours or King West (very West) after work.
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bump....the Pantene hair stuff is gone.

The Ikea Chair, the John Frieda hair stuff and the VHS tapes are still here.

And *new* is a metal bed frame for $5 (pick up only). Just a basic frame that you would put your boxspring and mattress on.


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So, to clarify, the bed frame isn't new...I've had it for 4 years and it's for a queen.

Here are some horrible pictures I took of it:

and another view:
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