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studying for english exams -- waste of time?


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OK -- not trying to justify my lack of pre-exam preparation here, but is there really a need to review anything for an English exam? I've read all the books and short stories, went to 70% of the lectures, even went to the exam review session yesterday -- so why is it that I feel like there is a really good chance that I"m going to get smoked tomorrow?

someone, please reassure me and tell me everything is going to be OK. Or bring me a popsicle. Or tuck me in to bed and leave the door open a crack and leave the bathroom light on.
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I've never taken an English course in university, but from my experience with essay course the answer is no. There is no point.

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Pete, the finals are usually 60% your own style and ideas and 40% recognition of the texts. So..ugh...considering your style...

oh sorry have to go, i'm late for another thread


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I have my last university exam ever tomorrow
And I haven't studied all too much ... cause the course is so boring
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When all else fails, remember that I somehow managed to get an English degree from Western.


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English exams are stoopid. I almost failed one in highschool because it was the first time any prof asked us what the "universal significance" of something was, and then he couldn't tell me what the question ment because we were in the middle of an exam. And that's when I chose to become an engineer.
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I actually played for a bit last night......where are my priorities?
Thanks be to those who have reassured me I have nothing to fear
T-35 minutes -- I should go shower :)